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SUP Paddles- Finding the Right One

Standup paddleboard (SUP) paddles come in many different shapes, flex patterns, blade sizes, materials and prices.  Understanding some the basics behind sup paddle technology and construction will help you choose the right paddle for your style of paddling.  Whether you are a strictly flat-water paddler, […]

SUP Paddle Blades

Most experienced stand up paddlers will tell you that having the right paddle is more important than having the ideal board.  How your paddle performs as it moves through the water is the most significant factor affecting how well you paddle.  Stand up paddles, although […]

SUP Paddles: Shafts and Handles

SUP paddles come in many different profiles, sizes, and materials all meant for different types of stand up paddleboarding.  There are paddles designed to be great for surfing that are not so great for racing.  There are other paddles that excellent for experienced paddlers but […]

Adjustable sup paddles

With the emergence of sup as the fastest growing water sport, the industry has been expanding rapidly.  This means that the boundaries of design are being pushed. There is a lot of great new tech in boards and paddles, and there is also a lot […]

Choosing a SUP Paddle Blade

SUP paddles are a complex thing. You have considerations like weight, height, construction, stiffness, and price. But one of the most important elements of any paddle is the blade. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. It can be overwhelming to try to figure […]

Choosing SUP Paddles…Ke Nalu X-Tufs Provide Excellent Value

Choosing sup paddles can be overwhelming. And when you’re buying your first setup it can be very tempting to skimp on the paddle. We always encourage people to get a good paddle even if it means buying a little less of a board. The paddle is […]

Ke Nalu Mana standup paddleboard paddle

We get to try a lot of fun gear. It’s one of the perks of the job. When we are testing things we have to think about not only what we are excited about, but what is going to be appropriate for our customers. We […]

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