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Choosing a Race or Touring Paddleboard, How Narrow Should You Go?

How narrow should your race or touring paddleboard be? A lot of emphasis is put on specific numbers when you are shopping for paddleboards, but what does it all really mean? And what do you really need? As usual, the answer is not one size […]

Buying your first paddleboard? How do you decide what to get?

So you are looking to buy your first paddleboard?  Good for you…this is a decision you will not regret! There is no right answer to the question of what type of paddleboard you should get for your first board.  There are many boards that will […]

What size paddleboard do I need?

A common question that we get in the shop is “What size paddleboard do I need?”  There’s no easy answer to that question because everyone is different.  And there’s no one right answer…there are a lot of boards out there to choose from.  But if […]

Should you buy a used stand up paddle board or new one?

A question we field daily is whether or not we have any used or demo paddelboards for sale.  Often we don’t because we try to get 2 years out of our demos to make them worth the money we spend on them.  Occassionally we do […]

Thinking of buying a paddleboard online? Read this first…

So you have decided to invest in your own paddleboard.  Congratulations!  It is a great decision and you will soon find yourself exploring new places from your perch on the water, and your life will never quite be the same now that you are “walking […]

Inflatable paddle boards…the good, the bad, and the ugly…Part 1

The world of inflatable paddleboards is growing at an alarming rate.  The reason it is alarming is that there are a lot of subpar ones out there.  The good news is that there are also some good ones out there.  Part 1 here will point […]

Women specific paddleboards, one size does not fit all

A lot of women come to us looking for a particular size board, or a “women specific paddleboard” because they have read that there is some magic size board that women are supposed to get. Just like we all come in different sizes and with […]

Cheap paddleboards, to buy or not to buy?

We get it…paddleboarding is not a cheap sport to get involved with.  The boards are expensive and so are the paddles.  But when you think about it…those are really the only two expenses you have with paddleboarding.  Yes, a leash and PFD are necessities, but […]

Stand-Up Paddleboard Handles

One thing all paddleboards have in common is a handle. But you may not be aware of all the different types of stand-up paddleboard handles on the market today and their pros and cons.  Paddleboard handles serve a dual purpose.  The first obviously is to […]

Paddleboard Deck Pads

There are just a few components that go into making up a paddleboard aside from the complex construction or materials inside the board. The leash plugs, fin boxes, and maybe a GoPro mount are embedded into the paddleboard, but the deck pad is probably the […]

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