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Buying your first paddleboard..the cheapest paddleboard is rarely the best value

Most of us recognize that price is not the only factor to consider when making buying decisions.  But somehow when it comes to buying a paddleboard lots of people want to buy the cheapest one they can find.  Like most things, there is a huge […]

Cheap paddleboards, to buy or not to buy?

We get it…paddleboarding is not a cheap sport to get involved with.  The boards are expensive and so are the paddles.  But when you think about it…those are really the only two expenses you have with paddleboarding.  Yes, a leash and PFD are necessities, but […]

The Value of Buying Your Paddleboard from Your Local Sup Shop

With standup paddleboarding growing so quickly, it’s natural that they are starting to pop up everywhere…big box stores, discount stores, all over the internet, and at your local sup shop. It can be a daunting thing to choose which board to get. It’s hard to […]

What would be a good paddleboard for my lake house?

Being located in northern RI we have our share of lakes. Some are barely bigger than puddles, and some are a couple of miles long. My family has had a house on a lake for my entire life. I learned to swim right around the […]

Choosing a paddleboard when you are unable to demo, or if you haven’t ever paddled

We always recommend to try paddling before you buy a board, and to test out boards when possible before choosing one because we want you to be comfortable with what you are getting. But when you are first starting out, you may not really know […]

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