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Snowboarding Preview for 2018/2019- Jones Snowboards

There has been a lot going on at Jones Snowboards this year developing new and expanded offerings for next season. For the 2018/2019 season, you will find Bindings Accessories Avalanche equipment New Board sizes New Boards Bindings Next year Jones is adding bindings to their […]

Why would you want to earn your turns in the backcountry?

Why do some people want to earn their turns?  What is the draw?  What is the reward?  And why would you go through all of that effort when you can ride a lift and get access to lots of goods?  And why would someone like […]

Backcountry Snowboarding Options from Bootpacking to Splitboarding

If you have tired of the hustle and bustle of ski areas, and you are all set with expensive lift tickets, more expensive food and drinks, and the crowds- then backcountry snowboarding might be your answer. But how do you get there? There are a […]

Backcountry Snowboarding: 4 General Guidelines

Part of the fun of snowboarding is exploring new areas in the mountains that are away from the groomers and the crowds. The feeling of ripping through untracked snow over natural terrain is really exciting and addictive. The backcountry snowboarding experience brings into play a […]

Backcountry Snowboarding: A Few More Essentials

Backcountry snowboarding can mean a lot of things. It could mean hiking out of bounds at a ski area, commonly referred to as the “side country”. Or it could mean hiking up a mountain trail to the top and riding down. It could mean hopping […]

Backcountry Snowboarding: Final Checklist

Our first two posts on Backcountry snowboarding talked about vital gear you should have with you while backcountry snowboarding, as well as some safety recommendations. There are also items you should have that may not be as obvious as backpacks, quick-dry clothing, and water bottles. […]

Backcountry snowboarding safety-do I need to take an avalanche course?

To answer the question “Do I need to take an avalanche course?” Ask yourself, “ Do I travel in avalanche terrain?” If the answer to the second question is “yes”, then the answer to the first question is too. This past weekend Mark and I […]

Avalanche Safety Training- Lessons To Take With You

Taking an avalanche course will have you looking at snow differently. It’s easy to look at snow-covered mountains and take for granted the dynamic nature of the snow. At a glance you have no idea what’s going on under the surface, and a lot can […]

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