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All Around Stand Up Paddleboards

If you have been shopping around on the internet for any length of time, you have probably noticed that most SUPs tend to fall into the all-around stand up paddleboards category.  What makes them so popular is that they fill the void between surf specific […]

SIC Recon 11’11 ridden and reviewed

When we brought SIC in to the shop we knew the X 12 is awesome, and the Bullet 12’6 is the only thing I want to be on in open water, but the Recon was a little more of a mystery for us. Recon is […]

Riviera Paddle Surf Introduces Eco Molded Blanks for 2016

Riviera paddleboards is introducing ECO molded blanks for their top 12 boards in the 2016 lineup. By and large, the paddleboard industry is not an environmentally friendly one. The foam cores, epoxies, resins, paints, waste, and adhesives all have an environmental impact. So does the […]

Do you need a yoga paddleboard to do sup yoga?

There’s a paddleboard for anything and everything. What’s your pleasure? Racing? Touring? Surfing? Yoga? Or a little bit of everything? There are many boards on the market that will easily fill multiple roles. And as your paddling develops, your interests might change, and you may […]

SIC Bullet 11’0…tons of fun in this little all around paddleboard

Since we have been talking about fun stuff like the Ke Nalu Mana, let’s talk about my new favorite board. I can’t fathom anything replacing my SIC Bulllet 12’6, but this board won my heart for everything I love about the Bullet 12’6 in a […]

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