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sustainability at neverbored ri

Vendor selection is very important to us and we do not choose any of our partners lightly.  Sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials and practices are very near and dear to us, so companies who feel stongly about these principles have a special place in our hearts and shop.

Some of the companies at Neverbored standup paddleboard and snowboard shop that are making a difference are Niche, Mervin manufacturing (they make Gnu and Roxy snowboards), Sprout Watches, Pocketfuel Naturals, Joshua Tree, i.N.i Cooperative.

Niche is leading the way to eco-friendliness in the traditionally resource draining snowboard industry.  Their use of materials like “Snappy Sap” bio resin, “HempHop” Stringers, recycled materials and sustainable wood cores are a few of their contributions to preserving the environment.  What does that all mean to you, the rider?  It means a lot of fun on a snappy, durable, responsibly built snowboard.

Mervin is also making efforts to curb the impact of snowboard manufacturing on the environment.  They use such environmentally friendly techniques as their own managed fast growing farmed woods and topsheets made from beans which offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry.

Sprout watches uses corn resin instead of plastic, mercury free batteries, organic cotton for some bands, conflict free diamonds, mother of pearl, cork and bamboo to keep the watch industry on the environmental straight and narrow.

PocketFuel Naturals is a new concept in energy on the go.  They have combined almond butter with other delicious and healthful ingredients such as chia, honey, coconut, cherries, bananas and blueberries (not all in the same flavor).  They come in packets that fit easily in a jacket pocket and fold down to almost nothing when they are empty.  They also offer refill bottles so that you can reuse the pockets.

Joshua Tree Skin Care uses the highest quality organic ingredients in their products.  They keep ingredients to a minimum and most of them are fair trade, wild-crafted or locally sourced.  They do wonderful things for your skin while having negligible impact on the environment and natural resources.

i.N.i Cooperative is a new lifestyle clothing line out of Washington.  They make very high quality outwear and streetwear using renewable resources such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled products like plastic bottles and recycled poly in the construction of their apparel.  Their clothing has an attention to detail largely lacking in the snowboard and skate industry.

This is a sampling of the companies with a commitment to the environment that you can find at Neverbored standup paddleboard and snowboard shop.

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