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Supreme Paddle Gear is a new brand (under the Henderson Sport Group) that makes SUP apparel specifically designed to meet the needs of paddleboarders. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is unique in the water sports world not only because it is a new sport but it also incorporates the skills of existing sports like canoeing and surfing. Paddleboarders move about on their boards in ways that are not like other sports so it would make sense that their gear and apparel are designed to match their specific needs.  Not only are the physical movements of us paddleboarders unique, but also the environment in which we paddle and ride is different from other sports.  We are not always dry and not always wet.  Our apparel needs to reflect what we are doing and in what conditions we are doing it.

Supreme has taken up the challenge and come out with a really great line of products for stand up surfing, racing and touring.  They offer a full array of SUP clothing including wetsuits, jackets, bottoms, booties, hats and gloves for men and women.  So let’s have a look at Supreme Paddle Gear.


Supreme’s Blade Series wet suits look like traditional surfing wet suits but they have features purposely designed to benefit paddling onto waves.  Their warmest suit has a 4mm Ultra Soft Quantum Foam windproof, aqua-phobic (sheds water) neoprene in the core area with 3mm and 2mm thicknesses through the legs and arms.  The neck is cut lower than a regular surfing wet suit making it easier to turn your head and watch the wave coming up behind you as you are paddling to catch it.  The collar is also lined with a material Supreme calls “glide skin” which minimizes chafing and seals out water.  Other features in the Blade Series include:

  • Four-way stretch knee pads
  • Flow vent down at the ankle that allows water inside the suit to easily drain out.
  • The inside is lined with micro-fleece- very warm, wind resistant and moisture wicking.
  • SUP-specific tailoring in the shoulders to allow for a full range of movement combined with super stretchy Duraflex neoprene skin.

The Blade Series also comes in a 3/2mm full, 1.5mm full and a 1.5mm John (no sleeves), as well as a 1.5mm women’s Jane style (no sleeves).


The Reach Series is a unique line of paddleboarding jackets that are great for moderate and warm temperatures (think spring and fall).  The Reach and Reach Hybrid jackets have a micro-fleece, moisture wicking liner underneath 1.5mm Ultra Soft Foam neoprene skin that is hydrophobic and offers 50+ UV protection.  The Reach Platinum is made of Polyolefin, a lighter, wind and UV blocking material. On the back of the jacket there is a large pocket to hold your glasses, hat, snacks, etc.  The jacket also has a cell phone pocket with key loop along with a hat and sunglass loop on back of the collar so you do not lose them to gusty winds.  The jackets are ergonomically designed for paddle boarding with lots of stretchiness and flat-lock stitch for chafe-free paddling.


The Catch Series is Supreme’s women’s line of paddle boarding jackets.  The Catch jacket is longer in the back so you get full coverage even when bending forward.  The Catch Hybrid is made of wind blocking neoprene on the front and polyolefin on the back which offers 50+ UV protection and insulates even when wet.  The Catch Platinum is all polyolefin making it light and stretchy with microfleece liner, wind resistant and UV protection.  The women’s jackets have all the functional features that men’s do including cell phone pocket with key loop, hat and sunglasses loop, and zipper pocket on the back.

Supreme’s Contour bottoms  are made of 1.5mm Ultra Soft neoprene with microfleece lining, four-way stretch knee pads, UV protection, wind-proof, flat-lock stitching and a raised waist band for full coverage all the time. For warmer temperatures there are Contour Platinum polyolefin pant and Ultra Soft Quantum Foam Neoprene Contour shorts with all the same features as the Contour neoprene pants.  And, all of Supreme’s bottoms are unisex.

Rash Guard Tops are an essential piece of paddle-wear and should offer good moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you as dry as possible and be light, comfortable and provide UV protection.  Supreme offers long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards in men’s and women’s sizes.  The long sleeve green top is very bright so you can be seen from a long ways away- great safety feature if you happen to find yourself in heavy boat traffic.  They are made out of Lycra and synthetic fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.  This combination of fabric gives the tops excellent wicking that dries out fast after getting wet and are silky smooth to the feel.  They also have 50+ UV protection.

In addition, Supreme offers a men’s and women’s Unisex Contour Quantum Foam 1.5 mm neoprene short sleeve top with a microfleece lining for cooler weather.

The Powerphase Boots are a round-toe, 2mm neoprene boot with two thickness of rubber helping to insulate and allow for flexibility and board feel.  The boots have a soft upper section with cinch cord to prevent large amounts of cold water from entering.  The boot also has a hook-and-loop arch strap so you can adjust the boot to the shape of your foot.  The Powerphase also has a pull-tab on the back making easier to put them and take them off.

The Supreme Skullcap is made out the same windproof and microfleece lined Quantum Foam neoprene as the jackets. The Skullcap also has a tether which attaches to the hat and sunglass loop on the jackets, wet suits and tops so you don’t lose them when the wind kicks up.

The Stacked Gloves are made out of 2mm neoprene with a silicon palm profile to facilitate gripping the paddle shaft.  The Quantum Foam neoprene collapses when gripping giving you a good feel of the paddle.  They also come in a synthetic fingerless version for warmer weather that has a hook-and-loop wrist adjustment to keep them from sliding around on you.

As an avid paddleboarder, Supreme Paddle Gear is very exciting. The modest colorways and functional design are perfect for outdoor water activities.  Supreme gives their products a generous fit making them super comfortable.  And the ergonomic shape of the wet suits, rash guards and jackets are specifically designed for us paddle boarders!

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