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Choosing a Race or Touring Paddleboard, How Narrow Should You Go?

Bark Vapor Ghost 12'6 test drive

Fun Times at Evelyn O'Doherty's RI Paddleboard Clinic

Red paddle co- a standout in standup

Finding your happy place...on a stand up paddleboard

Gift Ideas for a Snowboarder or Paddleboarder in RI

5 Reasons why you should try standup paddleboarding this year

Buying your first paddleboard? How do you decide what to get?

Paddleboard accessories can add to safety and enjoyment

Standup Paddleboarding Technique

SUP Shapes: Choosing the Right One

Curious about the health benefits of paddleboarding? Read on...

13 reasons why you should visit your local sup shop

Sup to safely enjoy your stand up paddleboard adventures

A quiver of paddleboards

Paddle board construction, 4 common methods

SUP Fishing: Fly Fishing Paddle Board Style

Paddle board maintenance...11 tips to keep you and your board happy

Paddle Boarding Shoulder Pain and Back Problems

Paddleboarding with your to keep it fun and safe

Cathy goes to Kalama Kamp to fix her paddle board stroke-Part 1

Awesome Paddleboard History

Cathy goes to Kalama Kamp Part-2 practical paddle board stroke tips

SUP Prices: Why Standup Paddle Boards Cost What They Do

Paddleboards for women...the good, the bad, and the ugly

Glide: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

A Look at Stand Up Paddle Board Fins

Is it important to work with a certified paddle board instructor?

Becoming an ACA Certified SUP Instructor

Cold Weather Paddle Boarding: What to Wear

Flat water paddleboards vs open ocean paddleboards what's the difference?

Paddle boarding and the weather…things to consider when venturing out

Distance paddling for a previously non-endurance athlete

Navigation Rules for SUP

7 mistakes new paddleboarders make…and how to avoid them

How to Transport your Stand Up Paddleboard

What size paddleboard do I need?

10 reasons why standup paddleboarding is better than kayaking

All Around Stand Up Paddleboards

A paddle marathon & other endeavors to push the limits of your comfort zone

SUP for Kids

Can You Get A Deal On A Paddleboard At Your Local SUP Shop

Riding Bumps Long Distance Flatwater Paddleboard Training

Wide Stand Up Paddleboards

Should you buy a used stand up paddle board or new one?

Stand Up Paddleboarding: Paddling Technique

Do you need a life vest for standup paddleboarding?

What is Downwind Paddleboarding?

SUP Paddle Blades

7 Reasons why you should consider stand up paddle board lessons

SUP Paddles: Shafts and Handles

Thinking of buying a paddleboard online? Read this first...

Different Kinds of SUP Tails

First SUP Race

What can I do on a standup paddleboard?

Riding Bumps…paddleboard training to go the distance

Avoid Over Heating Paddleboard Syndrome

View from the Boat…the 2014 CCBC paddle marathon is in the books

Tips for Paddleboarding in Rough Water

Paddleboarding season does not have to end at Labor Day

Inflatable paddle boards...the good, the bad, and the ugly...Part 1

Inflatable paddleboards...the good, the bad, & the ugly...Part 1 1/2

Battle of the Paddle : A SUP Classic

Paddleboard Gifts

Items to bring distance paddling on a standup paddleboard

FAQs when you are thinking about buying your first paddleboard

SIC ocean and downwind paddleboarding like it should be

4 Paddleboard Stretches Before You Head Out

SIC paddleboards' X series flatwater fitness, racing, and touring paddleboards

Kids' paddleboarding- the future of our sport

Paddleboard Lessons

Buying your first paddleboard..the cheapest paddleboard is rarely the best value

Paddleboarding in Rhode Island

Adjustable sup paddles

The Function of Snowboard Stringers

How much do paddleboards weigh?

Ocean Paddleboarding

Ocean Paddleboarding Part II

Paddleboard Self-rescue

SUP Leashes Protect You and Your Equipment

Beginner's Notes: How to Stand Up on your Paddleboard

Towing someone from your standup paddleboard

Paddleboard Skills: The Pivot Turn

Beginner Tips: SUP Paddle Basics

2015 SUPIA Youth to get kids paddleboarding

Beginner SUP Tips: How to Paddle Straighter

Stand Up Paddleboarding: The Crossbow Turn

Paddleboard demos are a great way to help you choose a paddleboard

Snowboarding and Paddleboarding: Year Round Fun

Cheap paddleboards, to buy or not to buy?

Paddleboarding in open water...a guide to get you started

Next level guide to paddleboarding in open water

Downwind Paddleboarding - A Closer Look

What motivates you to paddleboard?

SUP Stroke Technique: Getting the Paddle Down into the Water

Paddleboard Tours to RI's Lighthouses

Paddleboarding to Find My Center

Paddleboard apps for weather, wind, and tides

Carbon Fiber Stand-Up Paddleboards

A Practical Guide to Avoiding Big Ships When Paddleboarding in Boat Traffic

Stand-Up Paddleboard Handles

Paddleboard to help you be prepared for an emergency

Paddleboard Tours to RI's Lighthouses- the East Passage of Narragansett Bay

The NK SpeedCoach SUP 2 for tracking your sup training

Paddleboard Racks

Tracking Apps for Paddleboarding

Paddleboard Demos: A Good Post-Season Option

The Value of Buying Your Paddleboard from Your Local Sup Shop

Spring marks a bittersweet transition from snowboarding to early season paddleboarding

Paddleboard Deck Pads

What kind of paddleboard challenges motivate you to paddleboard?

Water Access for Paddleboarding in Rhode Island

Choosing a Snowboard Can Be Like Choosing a Car

Riviera Paddle Surf Introduces Eco Molded Blanks for 2016

Paddleboard Demos

Early Season Paddleboarding: Paddling Technique

When Life Gets In the Way of Paddleboarding We Have an Opportunity

Features for All-around Paddleboards

What would be a good paddleboard for my lake house?

Paddleboard Rocker and Rail Outline

Paddleboarding tips for when your stroke is stronger on one side than the other

Paddle Flex: Stiff vs Soft

Choosing a SUP Paddle Blade

Choosing a paddleboard when you are unable to demo, or if you haven’t ever paddled

Beginner Tips for Reading the Wind While Paddleboarding

Paddleboard Racing- as much about community as competition

The Rise of Paddleboard Foilboards

Standup Paddleboarding Tips...3 Tips to Improve Your Paddleboarding

What Do I Do If My Paddleboard Gets Damaged

What is Paddleboard Volume and Why is it Important

Paddleboarding Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Stay Safe on the Water

Moving Around on Your Paddleboard

Water Shoes for Paddleboarding

Paddleboard Side Fins- what are they for and what do they do

Paddleboarding Tips: 7 Tips for Your Forward Stroke

What Length Should Your SUP Paddle Be?

4 Ways to Carry a Standup Paddleboard

Finding the paddleboard that will serve you best

5 ways to load a paddleboard on your car

Do you need a yoga paddleboard to do sup yoga?

Release and Recovery Phase of the Paddleboard Stroke

Standup paddleboard safety...navigating marinas and boat traffic

Paddleboarding Stroke: The Catch Phase

11 tips for paddleboarding in hot weather

The Power Phase of the Paddleboard Stroke

Choosing SUP Paddles...Ke Nalu X-Tufs Provide Excellent Value

5 Ways to Improve Your Paddleboard Balance

Different Types of Adjustable Paddleboard Paddles

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