Snowboarding Preview for 2018/2019- Jones Snowboards

There has been a lot going on at Jones Snowboards this year developing new and expanded offerings for next season.

For the 2018/2019 season, you will find

  • Bindings
  • Accessories
  • Avalanche equipment
  • New Board sizes
  • New Boards


Next year Jones is adding bindings to their lineup. Jeremy has been riding NOW bindings since they hit the market circa 2010. It only made sense to incorporate NOW’s patented skate tech into their bindings. Skate tech is comprised of four elements the kingpin, post, hanger, and bushings. They give you more control with less chatter and foot fatigue while being comfortable to the point where you don’t notice they are there. There will be two models- the freeride Apollo and the freestyle Mercury.

Apollo is the freeride, technical lines, seriously stiff, super responsive carbon and flax highbacked beast. Featuring a 9 out of 10 flex rating, this binding is all about the response.


                                               Apollo                                                                                                         Mercury

Mercury is Apollo’s all-mountain free-surf mid-stiff, looser riding cousin.   It has a flex hinge highback that balances out flex and response and minimizes chatter. It comes in at a 6 out of 10 flex. The Mercury is your more user-friendly, all mountain, go anywhere binding.

Both bindings have Flip-it ankle straps. You can switch the left and right straps for a more “locked in” or “loose” feel depending on your preference. Having the wide part of the strap above the buckle will increase lateral support and response. Having the wide part of the strap below the buckle gives you more ankle flexibility for increased surfiness. You can also choose your bushings. Hard bushings will provide more feedback and response from the board. Soft ones will be less chattery and surfier.

Jones’ continued focus on backcountry endeavors and pow seeking is very apparent next year, both in the accessories and board additions.


There are several new and revamped accessories coming next year.

Two splitboarding poles will be available for 2019, the Explorer Carbon and the Explorer. Both are 3 section collapsible poles that adjust from 105-130 cm. They pack down to 60 cm, and both boast Powerlock 3.0 flip locks, ice-flex Tungsten.Carbide basket tips, dual density grip, and ergo padded wrist straps. Naturally, the carbon poles are lighter and more expensive than the standard Explorer poles.

There will also be a shovel and probe available next year. Once you add a beacon and some bindings, you can complete your backcountry kit within the line.

The backpacks have been redesigned, and they are much more streamlined than previous models- designed to have everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. With models ranging from the DSCNT 19L for sidecountry and quick tours to the DSCNT R.A.S 32L for long, technical backcountry tours in avalanche-prone territory, the DSCNT series has you covered (there is also a 25L and a 32L that is not airbag ready). The Minimalist 35L or 45L are well suited for all day tours or technical alpine ascents. And there is a new board bag for day trips in addition to the big wheelie bag that will hold all of your equipment for a longer excursion.

On to the boards…

Additional sizes are being added to many popular models including the Mountain Twin, Storm Chaser, Storm Chaser split, Mind Expander, Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher split, Prodigy, and Women’s Hovercraft. The men’s line sees the introduction of the Big Horn Series of wide boards for dudes with big feet.

The line expands on its relationship with surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. The Mountain Surfer is back, badder than before. This bindingless pow surfing machine has been completely redesigned to deliver a freedom you cannot experience when you are attached to your board. It features Chris Christenson’s surf rocker profile. Which is tip/tail rocker that starts just inside your front insert and right at your back insert so that when you step on the tail, the rocker in the full nose rises up and floats on top of deep pow.

The Mind Expander has expanded across board lines to the women’s, kids’, and splitboard lineups. It is dubbed the “alternate all-mountain shredder.” Another Chris Christenson design, with this board you can go wherever your imagination can take you. If you like to blend freestyle, freeride, and pow surfing, you should probably check out this board. The Surf Rocker profile provides exceptional float in powder. The SPOON 3.0 base and hybrid directional shape pair well with the blunted nose, full-size tail, and tight sidecut for the nimble maneuverability of a directional board and the freestyle fun of a directional twin. Now guys don’t get to have all of the fun. The girls and kids can get in on the alternate all mountain experience too. Can’t wait to check that one out!

jones snowboards

There is your look at Jones Snowboards 2018/2019 in a nutshell. The best way to experience it all is to test out the products. If you get the chance, don’t pass it up. Jones Snowboards has been winning more awards every year. Don’t be the last one to be “in the know,” get yourself on some Jones gear.

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