Snowboarding and Paddleboarding: Year Round Fun


Every winter and summer we enjoy being outdoors doing what we love best- snowboarding and paddleboarding.  These two sports are very different in the obvious ways, but they also are very similar and compliment each other fantastically.   One of the great things about doing both of these sports is not only do you get to have fun all year round, but each keeps you strong for the other.

Because they are both board sports, the focus is always on the core muscles of your and your legs, when you’re surfing. Paddleboarding, when done correctly, mainly engages the large and small muscles that make up your core. Your shoulders and arms play a secondary role in managing the paddle, but it’s your core muscles that generate all the power that allows you to propel yourself forward.

Snowboarding involves turning the board by carving into the snow using the sidecut (the arc in the middle of the board) to power through the turn.  Your core muscles and your thighs are constantly engaging to drive the rails of the snowboard into the turn as you lean toe side and then heel side.  In addition, whether spinning off jumps and rollers, or doing simple flatland 360’s and tail presses, you will be using your core muscles a lot, a real lot- especially you’re rotational strength.

You’re probably getting the idea that both these sports require pretty strong cores if you want to do them on a frequent basis. But your core muscles also need to be flexible to work properly and for rotational strength. That’s why you see a lot of stand up paddlerboarders and snowboarders making use of the same types of stretches like back and quad stretches, rotation stretches and lunges.


Snowboarding and paddleboarding also really benefit beginners who are planning on getting into one or the other sport. Snowboarding will test your core muscles sore like no other sport because you are constantly pulling yourself up with your abdominal muscles. Your feet are strapped down to a board so there’s no moving them about independently.  I still wake up sore sometimes after snowboarding in deep powder from trying to stand back up.  A healthy season of paddleboarding on a regular basis will definitely help that problem, especially if you go for it.


Snowboarding and paddle surfing bear even more similarities. Both involve riding water (frozen or not), standing sideways on a board, and leaning on the rails to turn. And they both involve having a good sense of balance.  Balance is the key to success for both sports and doing each one every year will help keep your game dialed in for activities.  Doing sports like skateboarding, longboarding and balance boards like Indo Boards and Vew Do will all benefit you with paddleboarding and snowboarding also.


There is nothing like living in an area where you can have fun during winter and summer doing two different activities that compliment each other really.  You get the benefit of staying in shape for the next season of your other sport while training yourself for the one you’re doing now!   Snowboarding and Paddleboarding fit that bill.


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