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People have been filming snowboarders since the very beginning. Snowboard movies (aka shred flicks), like surf and skate movies, are a major part of the industry. They also grow the sport by showcasing the latest talent and new tricks and styles. A lot has changed over the past 40 years with the transition from 8 and 16mm film to high definition digital footage. But one thing remains constant- the whole point of filming people ride is to create excitement and celebrate the uniqueness of this sport. Check out these snowboard movies to get you stoked this season.




The Hard, The Hungry And The Homeless: The early nineties marked a defining time in snowboard history. Snowboard construction was evolving at a fast pace, and skate style riding was really getting off the ground. This movie included riders Bryan Iguchi, Chris Roach, Jamie Lynn, Jeff Brushie, and Noah Salasnek, all of who have had a huge influence on snowboarding. The raw beginnings of modern style spins, grabs, bonks, and jibbing were being written in HHH. A slew of new quarter pipe tricks were showcased as well as some stylish buttering and flatland tricks. Plus, the killer hardcore and thrashcore soundtrack was a perfect compliment for the times.




Afterbang: If 1992 was a watershed period for snowboarding, then 2002 was its antithesis. It was a few years after the sport’s debut in the Olympics.  The contest period, with it’s obligatory emphasis on winning, sponsorships, and advertising was in full swing. Afterbang represented a complete rejection of that approach. This movie was all about having fun and the riding is absolutely awesome. The smooth, drawn out aerial tweaks, stylish jibbing, along with a lot of goofing around makes this movie really fun to watch. Travis Parker’s and Dave Benedek’s parts are awesome. And when you get done watching Afterbang you will want to check out the other flicks in the Robot Food series, Lame and Afterlame.


The Art of Flight: TAF is a follow up of Brain Farm’s popular That’s It That’s All featuring Travis Rice and friends in memorable parts, pulverizing the tops of pine trees with their boards and bodies as they fly by. It was the beginning of super high definition filming with ultra slow motion shots that added to the “wow” factor. TAF is a big mountain snowboard movie not unlike the Jeremy Jones’ Deeper Trilogy. The crew goes to exotic, and far removed places all around the globe slaying powder and jumping into some pretty harrowing chutes. There are a lot shots taken from helicopters giving this movie a sort of big budget feel. Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, John Jackson, Jeremy Jones and Jake Blauvelt all have some killer sections.

These three snowboard movies from three different eras should all get you reaching for your boots. There are many more great films that have been made, too many to mention, but they’re easy to find and download. Look into the Mack Dawg Productions, Absinthe Films and Yawgoons for some more awesome snowboard films and videos.



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