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It’s mid September and although the weather is still steamy this year in the Northeast, it won’t last for long. Soon the ski areas will be charging the new season’s rates on tickets and passes, and that’s why it’s always good to purchase these in the spring when the prices are at their lowest. Likewise, the snowboard manufacturers will be distributing their new products to retail shops and these items will be at full price for the better part of the season. But in the meantime you can find some really good deals on snowboarding gear from last year’s leftovers.

There are a lot of deals on specialty ticket pricing right up into October when the ski areas are getting ready to make snow (in the Northeast). You can get below average pricing on multiple ski area passes and mid-week passes. If you are a college student or retiree there are usually additional discounts on top of that! It’s true, snowboarding is not an inexpensive sport to take up, but if you act early and shop around before the season starts you can save yourself a bundle of money.

As for snowboard hard and soft goods, the same principle applies. Now is the time to go through all of your gear and see what needs replacing, fixing and maintaining. It’s not a good feeling to get out on the hill for the first time in the season and find out that the zipper on your jacket is broken or the ratchets on your binding don’t work or your snowboard will be barely move because there’s no wax left on it. These are just a few things that are bound to go south on you over the course of the season.

So once you figure out what you need, or have an idea of what you may want to upgrade, then you can check out your local shop and see if they have the right piece of gear for you. It’s pretty much guaranteed that shops are making room for the new season’s products and they are heavily discounting the previous years’. If you haven’t upgraded your boots, bindings or board in a long time you might be pleasantly surprised at some of the newer innovations that have been hitting the market in recent years. Things like one piece EVA binding straps that are lighter and more durable than stitched leather. There are lighter boards that have a huge variety of camber and rocker profiles. And boots with new harness systems that will keep your heels locked down nice and tight all day long without having to re-do your laces and pullies.

There are also a great variety of gloves, mittens and outerwear that have a ton of new options for accommodating warm and cold conditions and for storing all of the stuff you want to bring with you onto the hill. Helmets have also become much lighter, and they have a much more minimalist profile and better styling so you don’t look like you’re going on a deep water diving mission for the Navy.

Right now through October is the time to start checking out the deals at your local shop. At your local shop you can try on all the gear you to need to see what fits and feels right. You can get additional background information on the products to see what is going to benefit you and what is not. And last but not least, you can save some cash while getting some fresh new snowboard gear.



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