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flux snowboard binding

Flux is a twenty-one year old Japanese company that makes some of the best snowboard bindings on the market.   Since 1992 their innovations have consistently changed industry standards.  They were the originators of toecap straps as well as urethane infused high backs and chassis.   They also introduced full-length padded foot beds and were the first binding company to employ all tool-less adjustability.  Flux is also the originator of the gapless fit system, which we will get into later, that wraps the ankle strap completely around the boot.  That’s a lot of feathers in their cap, and it proves that Flux has always been more interested in reinvesting their revenue back into the research and development of their products, as opposed to spending it on flashy campaign advertising like so many other companies.

flux snowboard bindings

Flux has always designed, tested and manufactured all their bindings in-house at their own production facility, further proof of their commitment to producing the highest quality snowboard bindings.  They do not outsource parts and materials to foreign entities that service a multitude of other manufacturers with cookie-cutter goods.  Flux has complete control over the entire manufacturing process.  Not many companies can claim to have that level of independence and it means Flux will continue to be one of the leading innovators of snowboard binding design.  Combine all these points and you can see why Flux has the lowest warranty claim rate in the entire industry at 0.005%.  That would give most anyone complete confidence in the durability and long term value of a Flux binding.

flux snowboard bindings                        flux snowboard bindings

So let’s go over a few of the innovations we mentioned earlier beginning with toe capstraps, FTM (Flux Toe Mask) as Flux called them back in 2007 when they first introduced it.  The FTM wraps around the top and front of your boot’s toe box.   It secures the entire front part of the boot whereas previous designs held the boot down by just running over the top resulting in a less secure hold and sometimes creating uncomfortable pressure points.

Flux’s UU Fit system addresses the inherent flaws in ankle strap design.  The UU Fit positions the ends of the ankle straps between the highback and heel cup, as opposed to other designs, which attach the strap to the bindings chassis.  Flux’s design allows the strap fill in any gaps, which may occur along the sides of the boot.  In effect, this creates a full 360-degree wrap around the boot making your fit extremely comfortable and totally secure, so you can power through your turns with ease and comfort.

flux snowboard bindings                       flux snowboard binding

We met with Patrick, our awesome Flux rep, at the Flux booth at SIA he took us through their new line for 2014.  Many of the models have actually dropped in price.  This is almost unheard of in the sports industry.  They have also introduced some models have carbon construction and titanium hardware making them incredibly lite, strong and durable.

Other awesome new developments include winged highbacks, which give you more lateral support on heel-side turns.  These highbacks are also swappable from left to right, so if you prefer more support towards the inside of your leg you have that option.

flux snowboard bindings                     flux snowboard bindings

Flux’s footpads have been upgraded with a whole new design.  The pads are constructed with denser material in specific areas and softer material in others.  This allows the rider’s foot to sink into the cushion more towards the inside of the binding when pressure is applied.  This simulates the canting effect  found in other bindings, which allows your hips, knees and ankles to align in a much more supportive position.   The Flux design is much better because it allows your foot to naturally find the right amount pressure and angle without being stuck in that position all time.

In addition, the 2014 line includes new lightweight baseplates, urethane highbacks and lower highbacks designed specifically for women.   The price point models are also being upgraded with adjustable toe and heel ramps.

We are super stoked to carry Flux again for next year and especially with the lowering of prices on many models.  Flux is making these incredible high quality snowboard bindings even more accessible to all of our customers.




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