SIC paddleboards’ X series flatwater fitness, racing, and touring paddleboards

SIC paddleboards’ flatwater fitness/race/touring series is the X series.  It is available in 12’6 and 14’ lengths.  And there are three different models of each providing three different width (and performance) options







  • X                      29.5” wide     256 L of volume
  • X-PRO             26” wide        229 L of volumeX-PRO-LITE    24.6” wide     208 L of volume



  • X                      28.5” wide     296L of volume
  • X-PRO             26” wide        253 L of volume
  • X-PRO-LITE    24” wide        226L of volume


The X is the flatwater, race, and touring board. The width of these models provides additional stability. That means less fatigue from working hard to stay on your board.  You are going to be faster standing on your board than you are in the water next to your board, no matter how fast the board itself may be. So if you find yourself spending more time in the water than on the board, you need more stability.  With a displacement nose, when you are in calm waters, you will glide quickly and effortlessly through the water.  The relatively flat rocker line keeps more board in contact with the water to maximize your glide per stroke.  If you get in choppier conditions, you can step back a little bit and get into “planing mode”, the tail rocker engages with the water and lifts the nose up a bit, giving you more control and keeping your nose out of the chop in rougher waters.   This board is available in TWC (Tuff-Wood Carbon) and SCC (Single Carbon Composite) construction. (for more information on the construction options click here)  The X-14 was a Men’s Journal Gear of the Year award winner.  If you want a multipurpose board for training, touring, and racing make sure this board is on your short list.


The X-PRO is a race board.  At 26” wide it still has enough stability for agile, experienced paddlers who want to go fast.  It is lively and quick to accelerate.  In flatwater conditions it is well-suited for most advanced paddlers. When you get it in chop, it will sort the wheat from the chaff.  But if you can master your balance on this board you will go fast and far! This is an excellent choice if your paddle focus is on racing and winning!


 The X-PRO-LITE is an elite board new to the lineup this year.  It is designed for, and ridden by, some of the world’s most accomplished racers.  The 12’6 is for elite lighter weight men and women and serious youth racers.  The 14’ is the board Lina Augaitis was riding last year when she became the fastest woman paddler on the planet. This board gets you to top speed very quickly and continues to accelerate the faster you paddle, getting maximum glide per stroke so you can maintain speed more easily.  The bottom cross sections maximize stability side to side to compensate for the narrow width.  This is a serious world-class board.



If you want a board for flatwater paddling, you need not look any further than the SIC X series.  There is a board for everyone from the recreational paddler who wants to tour around and maybe dabble on the race scene to the fastest paddlers in the world.  SIC makes elite performance accessible for all of us by offering the X, X-PRO, and X-PRO-LITE.



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