SIC Bullet…open ocean and downwind paddleboarding like it should be

SIC Paddleboards makes world-class paddleboards, and the Bullet is their open ocean downwinding board.  It comes in four sizes so there is one for everyone. Though they are designed in Hawaii, for Hawaiin downwinding conditions, these boards translate beautifully to east coast waters.

The SIC Bullet comes in 11’, 12’6, 14’, 14’ V2, and 17’. The 14’ V2 and 17’ offer A.S.S. Active Steering System. A.S.S. is a rudder controlled by your foot to give you extra steering power to help you get on bumps, and to counteract cross chop that threatens to throw you off course.



There are three different constructions- TWC (Tuff Wood Carbon), SCC (Single Carbon Construction), and DCC (Double Carbon Construction) on the 17’ model. TWC construction uses a combination of fiberglass, carbon, and wood reinforcements to produce a very tough (go figure), durable board at a reasonable price.  SCC uses a full carbon wrap with PVC reinforcements.  It is a much lighter weight board and is priced higher than the TWC construction. DCC construction has additional carbon reinforcements beyond SCC that are necessary on a board of that size.

The 11’ Bullet might be the best all-around board on the market.  It is available in TWC and SCC. It shares the shape of its larger counterparts, but because of its smaller size you get all of the good stuff with none of the bulk. It is an excellent choice for smaller riders or those just looking for a little more compact package. It is very maneuverable, it will catch any bump thrown at it, it has great glide on flatwater, and it is at home in chop.

The 12’6 comes in Tuff-Wood Construction and Single Carbon Composite also.  This is an awesome downwind or open water paddleboard.  It is quicker on the lake than it feels, and if you are trying to cover any distance in choppy waters you will be happy to be riding the 12’6 Bullet. This has been my open water board for the waters around Narragansett and Cape Cod Bay and it is a dream in the mixed up stuff we often run into. The full volume rails promote stability reducing rider fatigue over the long haul.  These rails make the board so stable it’s actually hard to fall off.

The 14’ Bullet is available only in TWC. It is a longer version of the 12’6. The 14’ Bullet is a very versatile open water, fitness, and touring or flatwater paddleboard. It is more stable than the V2 because it has a bit more volume and rocker than the V2.  The extra rocker allows this board to fit in between waves. Again, those full volume rails provide excellent stability and glide when facing side chop and slop in general.

The 14’ V2 is only available in SCC. It was an Outside Magazine Gear of the Year pick for 2014.  This is the perfect downwind race board. The widepoint of the board is shifted slightly forward and the rocker is flattened out a bit from the 14’. A pulled in tail compensates for the more subtle rocker by keeping the nose up to prevent pearling. Though it has slightly lower volume than the 14’ it those full volume rails once again provide plenty of stability. The Bullet 14 V2 is also available with the Active Steering System.  And given the carbon construction it is nice and light and much easier to handle than the 14’.


The 17’ in DCC always comes with A.S.S., and it is crazy fast. This is a serious open water, downwinding board designed for elite riders.  The speed of the board will allow you to catch any bump you seek and will keep you locked in and loaded once you are on the wave.  SIC refers to this board as a missile with good reason

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