SIC Bullet 11’0…tons of fun in this little all around paddleboard

Since we have been talking about fun stuff like the Ke Nalu Mana, let’s talk about my new favorite board. I can’t fathom anything replacing my SIC Bulllet 12’6, but this board won my heart for everything I love about the Bullet 12’6 in a nice little package. It’s the Bullet 11’0.


The SIC Bullet series is touted as the mountain bike of the SUP world. It is the workhorse that you can take out in anything. It’s surprisingly quick on flatwater, and it excels in chop and swells. We have had the 12’6 out in everything from the glassiest pond to waist high chop mixed with boat wakes from three directions, swell from another direction, rebound off of rocks, and funky currents all mixed together. (btw- if you’re looking to get your hands on these conditions they can almost always be found in Jamestown…launch from Ft. Wetherill and head toward Beavertail)



The 11’0 is just a fun little board.  It has all of the great stuff about the 12’6 but scaled down a bit for smaller paddlers. I have spent most of my time on it out in the pond. And I’m loving it even on flatwater. It’s quick to get up to speed, it’s easy to maneuver around, and it’s a nice, stable ride.


My first impression when I jumped on the board was that quickness. It gets up to speed fast and it keeps momentum incredibly well for an 11’ board. One of the tradeoffs with smaller boards is generally that you are constantly fighting to keep any speed that you build up. This little board is a champ at keeping it, and it’s sleek enough that it will recover quickly if you do lose any speed.



It’s also very stable. There is lots of volume in this board, and if you understand the concept of secondary stability, and you let the board do what the board is designed to do, you will appreciate just how far you can take this board before you fall off.


Another huge advantage of this smaller board is its maneuverability. It is really easy to make corrections and turn. You do sacrifice a bit of tracking as opposed to the 12’6, but that’s to be expected, and it’s very easy to compensate for that if you know how to use your strokes and drive through your hips, legs, and feet to stay on course.


In chop you will get splashed a little more than on a longer board, and out in big chop, your nose will get buried quicker. But not to worry…there’s enough volume in it that if you trust it and move back a little, it will pop right back up.


This board is nice and light (approx. 26 lbs) in the TWC construction which is a great blend of light and durable. It has the fantastic EZ grip handle that is one of SIC’s trademarks. This handle is a real game changer for loading and unloading boards. Factor in the weight, the EZ grip handle, and the smaller size and you have a very easy board to handle off of the water as well as on the water.


It also has tie downs so you can bring stuff with you.



This board is always such a pleasure to hop on. It is just so fun, like a little sports car…quick off the start, good on the corners, easy to handle, and just fun to drive. For smaller riders looking for one board to do everything this should be on the short list. Even though it’s more expensive than most all around boards out there, it’s a worthy investment. It will take you places those other boards will not, with confidence. If you want to enjoy a variety of environments and you don’t want to be limited by your board, you cannot go wrong with a Bullet. It is not something you will outgrow. Rather it is something you will continue to grow to love the more you paddle it. It didn’t win “Gear of the Year” last year for nothing.


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