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Vew-Do Balance Boards was started in 1991 in Manchester Vermont by Brew “Vew” Moscarello.  Brew was teaching snowboarding at Stratton in the 1980’s.  When he realized most of his students had no idea how to balance on a board, he broke out his Bongo board and began balance training.  Feeling the need to improve on the Bongo, the experimentation began, and in 1992 he patented his own design. Now over 20 years old, the Vew Do line offers a great range of balance training products for rehabilitation, training for sports, and super fun!

Balance boards are traditionally comprised of a deck similar to a skateboard deck that sits on a cylinder called a rock.  You get on the deck and try to balance on it while the rock moves in a variety of directions as determined by the rock’s design.

vew do   vew do

There are many reasons why someone would want to use a balance board, including

  • Training for a variety of sports
  • Improving balance all around
  • Developing static and dynamic balance recovery skills
  • Rehab and physical therapy as well as injury prevention
  • Fun, fun, fun!!!
  • You look cool when you can Ollie a balance board

Each board is designed for a specific purpose, or style.  So every board comes with a specific rock to make the board the ideal choice for that purpose.  For example, the Vew Do Mini 101 is a small board (go figure) with a small rock that only allows movement in one direction.  This makes it a great beginner board and it’s small size makes it a great balance board for kids. It is lower to the ground providing more stability and the limited range of motion lends some security that you can’t get too out of hand.  It can also make it a great board for rehabilitation…there’s very low risk with the Mini 101.

vew do

The Flow is perhaps the best all around board in the Vew Do lineup.  It provides a very fluid ride.  The board/rock combination allow for quick transfer of energy from hips to legs to board.  This board is dubbed an intermediate board and will help with full body conditioning.

For a more advanced Vew Do, the El Dorado is the perfect choice.  This is a performance driven board.  It is wide and grippy.  The 5” rock will let you “spin like a top.”  And the quick radial taper of the rock lets you really get on your toe and heel edges, allowing you to use the rail system to its fullest.  The El Dorado knows no limits.

Vew-Do also offers some variations on the traditional balance boards.  One such board is the “Zone Balance Pro”.  This board includes three different rocks, a roller, a wobble and a teeter.  There is a larger deck with comfy EVA foam for your feet.  This is a great way to build up to some of the other boards or to have one board for the whole family.  Level 1 is a teeter board (which is much harder than it appears) Level 2 is a wobble board…look out, if someone switches the rocks on you and you jump on this bad boy, you are in for a surprise-or so I imagine, ok…it has happened to me.  I almost broke my face.  Level 3 is a roller in the tradition of the other boards.  This makes the Zone a real package deal…great for entry level, rehabilitation and all around fun and conditioning.

vew do    vew do

The Butter Nub tosses everything you thought you knew about balance boards out the
window.  It has an egg-shaped “nub” on the nose and tail and a “hub” in the middle.  This board really mimics board sports movements, rotations and core strengthening.  It moves in very different ways than the other boards, you can spin it and “walk” it around in a very flowy way that makes it unique.

Vew-Do has been making balance boards for over 20 years now and they never stop innovating and improving. You can rest assured that when you purchase a Vew Do you are getting top-notch materials and construction all from right here in the USA.  These boards are quality and a really fun workout.  Let your imagination go and you will be amazed at what you can do on a Vew Do!

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