Should you buy a used stand up paddle board or new one?

A question we field daily is whether or not we have any used or demo paddelboards for sale.  Often we don’t because we try to get 2 years out of our demos to make them worth the money we spend on them.  Occassionally we do because we have decided to make changes to our lineup.

The primary reason that most people want a used SUP is price.  Everyone wants to get a great deal on a board.  We get that.  But there are pros and cons to buying used versus new.


Pros of used stand up paddle board

  1. Used boards are obviously less expensive than the same board brand new.
  2. You might be able to get a nicer board than you would be able to get if you bought new because of that.


Cons of buying a used stand up paddle board

  1. The used board market is pretty tight, they are tough to come by so selection is often not great.
  2. If you have something in mind that you want, you might have to wait a while or drive a distance to find it, if and when, it becomes available.
  3. You never really know the history of a board.  Most used boards are probably fine, but some may have taken on water or had other repairs that you don’t know about.
  4. Boards tend to hold their value well, so often you don’t save a whole lot by buying used.
  5. The temptation to buy something just because it’s a “good deal” can be too much.  And sometimes this results in a board that is completely wrong for you.
  6. If this is an only board for you, you could be missing time on the water by waiting for something to come along.
If you find a great deal on a board that would be good for you, then by all means go for it.  But keep in mind, it’s like buying anything else used…be careful.  Make sure you are buying it from someone with integrity.  Find out the most you can about the board before you make the decision, including why they are selling it.

If you are just looking for a good deal, stop!  Do some research to find out what would be a good board for you.  Don’t buy a 55 lb board just because it’s cheap if it’s not something you can even handle enough to get it down to the water (and a word of caution…don’t EVER buy a 55 lb board…that’s a boat or a dock or maybe a kayak, but not a paddleboard).  Spend a little more and get something that is going to do what you want it to do and that will be easy for you to use.  It’s not a bargain if it sits in the garage because it’s too cumbersome to handle, or it’s too narrow for you to stand up on.   Be sure that whatever you are looking at is suited to the type of paddling you plan on doing.

There are some great deals out there on new beginner paddle board packages.  Give those some consideration.  Often times they are not a whole lot more expensive, but the difference in what you get can be significant.  Paddleboards are an investment.  And once you make that initial investment, you are set.  There are no recurring fees to go out and use it.  So take that into consideration when you choose a board.  The most important thing is that you get a board suited to the type of paddling that you want to do and that you get out paddling!

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