Salomon Snowboards-the women’s all mountain collection

We are always apprehensive about ski companies that get into the snowboard game. But we have been really impressed with Salomon Snowboards’ deep line of snowboarding gear. They have a full range of boards, boots, and bindings starting from an entry level, price point setup, to top of the line “go to’s” for the likes of Bode Merrill and Annie Boulanger.


The women’s line features 6 boards broken into “Mountain Renaissance” and “Freestyle Revolution” Categories. The 3 “Mountain Renaissance” boards are more free-ride and less park oriented.


1) The Lotus is their entry-level, easy riding, soft flex board designed for all mountain riding. It has Salomon’s “Flat Out Camber” profile. It is flat between the feet and loaded with camber outside the feet so you get maximum stability and response. The “BiteFree” edges are detuned at the factory to make sure you aren’t catching edges as you progress. It’s a great cruiser board that you can explore the whole mountain on. And it’s a real bargain coming in under $300.






2) The Wonder is a step up the ladder. It features a little more tech and a little stiffer ride. It has the “Cross Profile” that combines camber under foot and rocker outside of the binders. This provides a perfect balance of stability, response, playfulness, and float. It features Salomon’s “Popster”core tech- the core is thickest between the inserts and it thins out to just inside the insert packs. This gives more pop by allowing you to really load the tip and tail for an extra boost. The “Quadratic” sidecut is deeper in the center of the board to help you lock into turns, but it mellows toward the tip and tail so you can smoothly transition out of one turn and into the next. “Royal Rubber Pads” are placed under the inserts to absorb shock and prevent negative energy from entering the board. This results in a smoother ride with less chatter.

I spent some time on this board in a real mixed bag of conditions at the Stratton demos last season.   It was a lot of fun! Just like they said. It was lively and smooth, and I felt like I had complete control over it. It was responsive, playful, and stable. That’s kind of a tough balance to strike. It was a such a fun board, I wish I could have spent more time on. There’s a lot of great stuff going on in this board for a board under $400.




3) The Pillow Talk is the final board in the Mountain Renaissance lineup. This is a powder specific board.   It is a tapered twin so the insert pack is centered on the effective edge, but the tail is slightly narrower than the nose so you will get better float in deep powder. You always have the option of setting your stance back to further increase your float. The shape of the board is shorter and wider (you can ride this smaller than your normal size) to make it floaty and maneuverable. The profile is “Flat Out Rocker”, so it’s completely flat between the bindings and it rockers out at the tip and tail. Like the Wonder, the Pillow Talk also has the “Popster” core that thins out at the tip and tail, and the “Royal Rubber Pads” to absorb some of those landings when you launch off of its namesake pillows. The “All Mountain Edge Bevel” is detuned through the tip and tail, but has more grip between the bindings providing solid hold without being catchy so you can ride it even when you’re not lucky enough to have snowy pillows to bounce about. This is another bargain from Salomon Snowboards coming in just under $400. It’s very rare to find a powder board in that price range.






The women’s all mountain snowboard selection from Salomon might not be very extensive, but it covers all of the important bases. Sometimes it’s better that way, too many options aren’t always a good thing. If you are looking for a solid board to handle a variety of terrain and conditions at a great price, check out Salomon’s Mountain Renaissance collection.



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