Salomon snowboards “Freestyle Revolution” women’s snowboards

Salomon Snowboards women’s snowboards are broken down into two camps, “Mountain Renaissance” and “Freestyle Revolution”. We covered “Mountain Renaissance” last week, so now it’s “Freestyle Revolution’s” turn.


There are three boards in this collection as well

  • The Oh Yeah is a soft-flex, beginner to intermediate board. The soft flex makes it easier for new riders because it is more forgiving and easier to turn.


  • It features the “Rock Out Camber” profile that is seen across all three freestyle boards and it is the most popular profile in the line. The board is flat between the bindings, with camber near the feet for control and stability. And there is rocker outside of the bindings for mellower turning, pressing, and lots of float in powder.


  • The “EQ Rad” sidecut is a hybrid of two of their other sidecut options. It moves the contact points from the tip and tail in toward the center of the board to provide a great balance of edgehold at speed, lots of float in powder, and tons of fun all over.
  • It features the “Popster” core that is thicker at the center and thins out toward the tip and tail so you can really load it up and get lots of pop.
  • And there are “Rubber Pads” in the high-pressure areas of the board to absorb vibration and landings and prevent negative energy from entering the board. This will keep your legs fresher longer.
  • The Oh Yeah is a great value board coming in under $350.


  • The Gypsy is the big sister of the Oh Yeah. It is also a true twin, but it’s a little stiffer, a little faster (thanks to a Sintered base), and has more pop and softer landings.



  • The “Rock Out Camber” and “EQ Rad” sidecuts stay the same as the Oh Yeah. But the Gypsy has “Popster Booster” which adds carbon stringers to the regular “Popster” these allow you to build up more energy when you want to launch off of things.
  • For suspension it features “Slingshot”– carbon inlays load and release energy for increased response under foot.

Two years ago I rode the Gypsy at the Stratton demos. The snow was all bumped out after a good snowfall, and this board was a blast. It was super lively, and all of the pop that they brag about is certainly there. I bounced all around amongst all of the little snow bumps.  It’s a very playful board. I didn’t launch off of anything (thankfully), but I have no doubt that if you load this board up, you can huck yourself onto (or off of) just about any feature.   If you lean more toward a freestyle board, the Gypsy is a great all around board with a little extra added fun if you have some pillowy bumps to bounce around.
At under $400 you are still looking at a great value for a board with lots of great tech.

  • The Rumble Fish is the women’s flagship board. It is a more premium version of the Gypsy and Oh Yeah. It is also a true twin and boasts the same “Rock Out Camber” profile and “EQ Rad”sidecut. It also has “Popster Booster” like the Gypsy.


  • This high-end progressive powder and freestyle board has a full-length bamboo veneer that adds rigidity and response and increases edge hold.
    • Carbon stringers in an array of 3 at the tip and tail add torsional rigidity ensuring that it never slips out on you while increasing drive and control.
    • For vibration dampening the Rumble Fish has tip to tail “Royal Cork Rails”. Cork is a renewable resource with excellent shock absorbing properties to make your landings gentler and cancel out the chatter you get with many other boards.

While pricier than it’s Salomon counterparts, the Rumble Fish still comes in under $500. That’s a bargain compared to some other lines’ top end boards. And the Rumble Fish can certainly hold up against those more expensive options.

Between Salomon’s “Mountain Renaissance” and “Freestyle Revolution” series, they really have covered all of the bases for women’s snowboarding. The hardest part is choosing which one(s) to get.


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