Salomon Huck Knife 2017

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Salomon has been putting out some really incredible boards over the years at affordable prices.  I think one thing that has to do with this is their ability to developing an awesome team of riders.  Good riders often favor versatile boards that have a focus on their core style of riding.  This season’s Salomon Huck Knife is a board that I think fine tunes that approach within the overall “park riding” category.

Salomon bills the Huck Knife as a “true park board that can handle whatever the Mindnich boys can throw at it.”  That means hand rails, tree jibs, small jumps, huge jumps, trannies, and all kinds of fun stuff that you’ll find outside of the park.  It’s a true twin board with camber in the middle and rocker on the tip and tail, and it has a sintered base.  It mixes an Aspen wood core with a triax fiberglass lay-up, giving it a good balance of flexiness and stiffness.

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When I demoed the Huck Knife back in February I loved its mid-soft flex and how easy it was to hold a press.  The camber between the feet also gave it plenty of pop without much effort loading up the tail.  The other thing I liked about it was the edge hold.  Even on icy hard pack the board held its line through the turn and at speed I could get it to carve pretty much like a solid all-mountain board.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features that the Huck Knife has to offer.

Quad Camber:  This is basically camber between the feet with a steep rocker upturn at the tip and tail.  You get extra pop and stability out of the camber.  The rocker gives you better float in deep snow and makes it easier to butter.

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EQ Rad:  The Rad is short for radial side cut, and in this case you have 3 straight sections in the middle of the side cut followed by a slight bump out at each end.  The result is great edge hold that doesn’t slow the board down or inhibit how quickly it can turn.

Popster Booster:  This is a set of carbon stringers that run through down the core of the board giving added rigidity.  The energy applied to the board through your feet spreads out to the tip and tail quicker making the board more responsive and fun.


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After I first rode this board I thought, “This would also be great for beginners.”  Why?  The first reason is that the medium-soft flex makes the board easier to turn.  Secondly, the camber between the feet teaches new riders how to turn using your whole body.  This really helps when you’re learning new styles of riding and tricks.  The Huck Knife comes in sizes 148, 152, 155, 155W, 158 and 158W.

The Huck Knife is a really fun board to bounce around on, slam rails, pop off of jumps and set your edge for a tight carve.  And I liked it so much it’s going straight into my quiver this season.


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