Roxy Snowboards 2014/2015 preview

Roxy snowboards are near and dear to my heart.   The Ollie Pop was the first board that I loved to the point of constant gushing about it.  The next season I rode Torah Bright’s board, the Eminence, and it took me places I hadn’t been before.  Now looking ahead to 2014/2015, there’s a lot going on at Roxy and it’s pretty exciting.

Roxy is a premiere line of women’s snowboards…just women’s…no boys allowed.  Because of this, they make great boards for girls who actually ride.  They are not men’s boards scaled down and painted pink, they are for real boards designed for the way women are built and they way we ride.

Roxy has made some changes to their award-winning lineup

The Eminence is no longer and Torah Bright is riding a new board, called what else?  Torah Bright

The XOXO makes a return to the lineup for its second season

The T-Bird is also back for its second season.

And the Ollie Pop is out and the Radiance is in.

The flagship of the line is now the Torah Bright.  It features a new camber/rocker profile called XC2 BTX.  This new profile has a shortened rocker section between the feet and an extended, more aggressive camber section at the tip and tail.  More camber under foot gives you more power for bigger pop, driving high speed turns, and confidence bombing down icy slopes or in powder.  It is an all mountain board with freeride tendencies.  It is a little north of mid flex making it an aggressive board for girls who really charge.  It has Roxy’s new “light hearted” core, which is 10% lighter and also livelier.

The XOXO debuted last year and was a Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood winner and also an Ace of Act award winner.  It is a soft-medium flex board that is as at home in the park as it is around the rest of the mountain.  It features PBTX.  It has rocker between the feet and then it is flat.  But the “P” is for Pickle tech and that is the really cool part of this board.  Pickle tech has a deeper sidecut on the heelside than on the toeside.  Because of natural body mechanics, we are able to get more leverage on our toeside, so the increased heel sidecut helps to compensate for that, providing a balanced, intuitive ride.  It also has a softer core on the 1/3 of the board closest to the heelside edge making transitions smoother.

Rumor has it that if you think it, the Roxy XOXO will do it.  So be careful what you think.  It features the new, lightweight core, a sintered base and bio-plastic bean top sheet.  And for those of us who like a little quirkiness here and there, the XOXO has glow in the dark sidewalls and tip and tail.  This is the board I look forward to testing out the most.

The Radiance is brand new this year.  It is classic C2 BTX, which is rocker between the feet and camber outside the bindings.  This is a very versatile profile.  It is easy to ride and performs well in everything from ice to powder.  It takes the place of the aforementioned Ollie Pop (sigh…)  This board can go anywhere you take it.  It is a little softer than mid flex adding to its rider friendly feel.  The inaugural graphic is really sharp looking.  It’s colorful and feminine without being pink (thank you for that Roxy).  It has a new clear bio bean top coat so you are able to see through to the core.  Roxy’s bio bean topcoats are environmentally friendly and boast the best strength to weight ratio available.  It is also very durable and flexes naturally with the board.

The T-Bird is also back for its second year.  This is Torah’s other board.  When she just wants to cruise around, the Torah Bright is a little much, so Roxy designed this easy riding board for everyday.  It won the Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood award last year.  The BTX + profile has rocker between the feet and slight elliptical camber at the tip and tail.  This board is easy to ride and with that little bit of camber for stability and reliability and you may find yourself in new places you might not have braved before.

Two classic, repeat award-winning boards are back in the lineup for 2014/2015, the Banana Smoothie and the Ally.  The Banana Smoothie is another all mountain board with EC2 BTX.  It has rocker between the feet and elliptical camber outside the bindings.  You get the fun and playfulness of rocker, and the security, stability, and pop of camber.  It is an all mountain board that provides the stability, float and responsiveness that make it a perfect choice for powder and trees.


The Ally is a mainstay in the line winning the Good Wood award in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and the Ace of Act in 2012, 2013, and 2014.  It is a soft, all mountain, rocker board. It is very fun and easy to ride, it has great float in powder and it is equally happy in the park.

All of these boards have magnetraction, which adds extra contact points for increased grip and stability. Magnetraction gives you extra grab on ice making it a no brainer for east coast riding.

Roxy Snowboards consistently makes great boards that will take us anywhere on the mountain we dare to go.  I can’t wait to try out their new additions and revisit a couple of the classics that have already proven themselves in the lineup.

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