Roxy Snowboards 2014…awesome boards for girls who ride!

Roxy Snowboards is brining it to the table again in 2014.  They make some of the best women-specific snowboards on the market.  And they have a board for every girl who wants to get out there and shred.

From their flagship Eminence (Torah Bright’s pro model that she rode to Olympic gold in 2010) to their beginner friendly Sugar Banana, Roxy has something to offer every level and discipline of rider.

They have a variety of profiles that are patently Mervin, but adapted for women.  Most of the models feature Magne traction, which gives you extra contact points to increase edge hold…particularly in icy or hardpack conditions.  And they all incorporate Banana tech with or without the TX (Magne traction).  Roxy’s use of Banana tech gives their boards playfulness and forgiveness

This year they are bringing back favorites like the Eminence. which is a lightweight, all mountain freestyle board.  It is an aggressive true twin with medium flex and a fast sintered base.  The use of unique, eco-friendly materials like the super secret, light Colombian Gold core, make this an all-around winner.  It features C2BTX, rocker between the feet and camber outside the bindings.  It is playful and forgiving because of the rocker, but that is perfectly balanced by the camber, which lends predictability and stability.

The XOXO is an all-mountain freestyle hit.  It has pickle technology (PBTX) which features a deeper sidecut on the heel side to increase balance and performance.  There is still rocker (BTX) between the feet then it is flat outside the bindings.  It is a very intuitive ride that is at home in the park or anywhere else on the mountain. The 2014 graphic is really sweet too!


The Banana Smoothie is another favorite in the line.  It is a freerider’s dream, because it takes everything in stride…steeps, powder, trees, whatever you throw at it.  EC2BTX features elliptical camber outside of the bindings which is a more mellow application of camber than C2, and that is what provides that smooth ride.  The name is no coincidence.  There is also a Banana Smoothie Splitboard available which is a backcountry standout, perfect for getting through everything you encounter out there.

The Ollie Pop is so fun!!!  This is a very playful board.  It is perfect for spins and jibs, but easily

handles the whole mountain.  It is C2BTX so it has something for everyone.  It is a board without limits.  Though it is designed for the park, it is at home on the rest of the mountain too.  It’s “Harmonic Twin, O-Pop” shape was developed specifically for the OP.  It has a softer sidecut between the bindings to provide better arc in turns without sacrificing tip and tail pop.  Another killer graphic in the line this year…so retro and the colors are spot on!

This year marks the introduction of a new board, the T-Bird. Torah Bright requested a board that she can use to play on the whole mountain when she’s not in the pipe with her Eminence.  BTX+ is also a new addition to the line and it is banana with slight elliptical camber on the nose and tail to increase control and predictability.  It is a little softer than the Eminence and a great choice for progressive riding in varied terrain and conditions.

The Ally wins awards year after year for being an outstanding all-mountain board and a top pick under $400.  It is a directional twin with BTX.  It will make you just as happy carving up groomers as it will floating through powder.  This is an excellent choice for women looking to have fun and improve their skills all over the mountain.

Roxy Snowboards’ two more beginner-oriented boards are the Silhouette Banana and the Sugar Banana.  More flexible and more forgiving than the rest of the line, these boards both have Banana without the TX (Magne traction) making it much less likely that you will catch edges. The Sugar Banana provides a friendly way to develop your skills and become comfortable across the whole mountain, so you can have fun without having to worry.

This is just a glimpse of Roxy Snowboards 2014 lineup.  As you can see, there is something for everyone, and they are all done right!  I have yet to try a Roxy board that wasn’t a ton of fun and felt good on your feet.  Roxy knows women!  If you get a chance to ride any of them, don’t pass it up…you can thank me later.


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