Preview-Arbor Snowboards 2015-2016 Season

Some of the most exciting things for the 2105/2016 snowboard season that we have seen are coming from Arbor.  The industry has been saying that Camber is coming back and coming back strong.  From what we saw at the Providence buying show, that is the truth.  Arbor for one, has a new Camber System to complement its existing Rocker System.  The Camber System features parabolic camber (the opposite of their parabolic rocker).  It is a mellow camber that mellows out even more nearing the insert packs, there is still grip tech at the inserts, and there is a bevel at the contact points, raising the contact points up off the snow slightly.  Supposedly this gives you the pop and stability of camber without the inherent catchiness.  They call these bevels “up-rise fenders”.


Arbor has also renamed their nose and tail shapes, and once we are able to procure a catalog we can be reminded what they are all called, but there are enough different ones now that we need to reference a chart.

arbor snowboards

They are introducing several new boards (most of which we forgot to take pictures of, but you can get a sneak preview if you check out the rack).  The Cosa Nostra is a directional, medium flex board with the rocker system.  It is a powder board by design, but our rep rides the similar Shreddy Krueger all of the time so he assures us that it is a great all mountain board, especially nice in New England trees where things can be pretty tight.  Small adjustments on the little tail result in quick moves.  The Cosa Nostra looks like typical Arbor with a beautiful wood topsheet and is priced accordingly with an MSRP of $599.95.  If that’s a little steep, the Shreddy Krueger is more palatable at $499.95


The Sin Nombre is a mountain twin (slightly direction twin) with medium flex and it features the new Camber System.  It is a great all mountain board that serves as an upgrade from the staples Formula and Whiskey.  It will retail for $449.95.  It also has a uniquely shaped tip and tail that are departures from the rounded shape of the Formula and Whiskey.

arbor snowboards

The Coda and the women’s Swoon remain the same this year in the rocker system.  But!  They are both available in the Camber System for the coming season also.


The Arbor Element and Roundhouse have become one.  The Blacklist used to be the wide version of the Westmark.  And last year, the Blacklist went away and they added wide models to the Westmark lineup.  The same thing is happening this year with the Element and it’s formerly wide counterpart Roundhouse. The Element will be available in two colorways, and a large variety of regular and wide sizes.  The black one retails for $499.95 and the premium one is beautiful Palisander wood with an understated logo/graphic to highlight the wood and it comes in at $549.95.


The Whiskey is showing really strongly this year.  With new tip and tail shapes it is a little more torsionally stiff for next season.  It is still mountain-twin, medium flex, and rocker system, but it is a little more aggressive than last year’s slightly more cruisey counterpart.


The Formula and women’s Poparazzi remain excellent entry-level, all mountain, easy to ride, $349.95 boards.  But this year, Arbor has added a new starting point.  The Foundation is a pared down version of Arbor’s other boards.  It is a perfect gateway to getting into Arbor’s rocker system.  The best part is that this new beauty will be available for $299.95!


Next year’s Westmark has a new look.  It has squared off tip and tail, it is available in both Rocker system and Camber system and, in an effort to separate it more from the Draft, it is a little stiffer and is now being dubbed an all mountain freestyle or aggressive freestyle board.  It is a true-twin with a medium-soft flex and is again one of the strongest boards in the lineup.  It will be interesting to see how these changes play out on the mountain.  The price for this one has increased a bit for next year to $449.95.

arbor snowboards

The graphics on the Draft are Sriracha inspired for next year.  The tip and tail shapes have been changed, but it remains a true-twin, soft flex, rocker system board designed for the park.

arbor snowboards

The Cadence is the true-twin, soft flex, rocker system women’s board.  Formerly touted as a park board, this year they have realized it is more of an all mountain board for most women.  It is designed to be very playful, buttery, soft, board that is very easy to ride and holds it own wherever you take it.

arbor snowboards

The other new addition to the lineup was an early release, limited production board that debuted last Halloween.  It is the Zygote Twin.  It is a “non-symmetrical” twin that is very soft and features the Camber System.  The early release reception was great and it sold out in no time.  So for next season it will be back in full force.

arbor snowboards

Some things in the line remain the same.  The Steepwater, Abacus, Wasteland, A-Frame and Relapse have not changed for the upcoming season.

We are really excited about these new additions and can’t wait to get them on the snow in three short weeks!  We’ll be back with our thoughts on them once we have put them through their paces.




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