PocketFuel Naturals…natural energy on the go!

If you are looking for 100% natural energy that

  • tastes good
  • is portable
  • is vegan (6 of the 7 flavors are)
  • is gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, and dairy-free
  • is also free of refined sugars, and preservatives
  • will not only give you a quick boost, but will sustain you through your activities, and help your recovery

you need to check out PocketFuel!

pocketfuel ri

We first heard of PocketFuel Naturals when they were in a Kickstarter campaign.    This cool little startup was making this new energy food that was very portable and an exceptionally tasty blend of just the right combination of protein, fats and carbs to fuel and refuel the body while and after you exercise

Mark and Heidi Ribkoff and Rod Parmenter started PocketFuel in 2010 in Hood River, Oregon.  Athletes themselves, they were looking for an alternative to the chemical blitzes that come with so many commercial energy products.  So Mark set off to develop a “whole food” energy source to power him through his endurance events.  Drawing on what nature had to offer, PocketFuel began.  They initially sold their wares at local farmers’ markets and the reception was incredible.  That’s when they realizes that the appeal of their product was much broader than initially thought.

We have carried PocketFuel since the beginning and it has been great to watch and taste the evolution over the past couple of years.

That’s a lot of history for a product that I haven’t even introduced yet.

What exactly is PocketFuel?

Pocketfuel uses a nut butter base, almond or hazelnut, and dried fruit and seed mix -ins…there are 7 different flavors:

  • banana blueberry
  • chia goji and honey
  • chocolate espresso
  • coconut cherry
  • pineapple coconut
  • chocolate haze
  • vanilla haze

pocketfuel ri

And here is why it is good for you…

The nut butters and dried fruits combine to give you a balance of simple and complex carbohydrates to boost energy.  These carbohydrates convert into glycogen providing energy for your muscles and helping to maintain a high energy level.  The fiber in the nut butters also helps you sustain output.

The proteins in PocketFuel are easily absorbable so the body can readily process the nutrients increasing energy and aiding in recovery.  Recovery begins with refueling.  Carbs replace energy and proteins rebuild muscles, making them stronger.

The most important electrolytes for proper cellular function are also naturally present providing a solid base for you to fine-tune your own, personal electrolyte needs.

The “good fats” in PocketFuel provide the highest concentration of energy and they are what your body runs on when you are participating in endurance sports. And PF is very easily digestable unlike many commercial chemical concoctions that can cause stomach upset while you are slogging away.

The vehicle of delivering PF has changed several times over the past couple of years.  They offer a 1.8 oz re-sealable pouch which is approximately 1.5 servings.  It’s easy to tuck into a pocket or your bag.

Now they have introduced a 1.15 oz, individual serving that comes in a small foil-like packet.  These are not as re-sealable, but given the portion size, I doubt you’ll have any left for later.  It’s easy to down at one time.

pocketfuel ri  pocketfuel ri

There is a new refill option.  A reusable 5 oz soft flask attaches to the large 20 oz refill pouch with an “adapter”.   These are great for a number of reasons, they are a better deal price wise.  If you have a favorite flavor, then you will always have some available.  They produce much less waste so the environment will thank you.  And they are re-sealable, so you don’t need to worry about anything splooshing out in your bag.

PocketFuel is shelf stable and will last unopened for 12 months (even once you open it, you have a month to consume it).  The low moisture content in the natural butters and dried fruits help to preserve it naturally.  The natural sugars also have preservative properties. PocketFuel is very low maintenance…all you have to do is squish and squeeze it before you consume it.  This will make sure that any separation of oil and nut butter is eliminated and that your mix-ins are evenly distributed.

A long-standing issue with PocketFuel has been how to get the last, little bit out of the pouch.  In fact PF ran a contest for people to submit videos demonstrating the lengths they would go to to get that last bite.  I find scissors along the perimeter of the packet work wonderfully.  The individual packets are a little easier because they can open all the way across and you don’t have anything getting caught up in the little nozzle.  It’s that good, that you will contemplate the ways to get every last bit.

The two hazelnut based flavors can be eaten as is or diluted in water as an energy drink.  This is personal preference so don’t be afraid to give it a shot.

Speaking of shots….PocketFuel has just added something new to their line…cold  brew shots!  These are the same size and price as the other individual servings, but they are completely different!  They are cold brewed coffee blended with a touch of coconut milk.  They come in three different flavors

  • Java
  • Mocha
  • Vanilla

pocketfuel ri

These will get you going and keep you focused. Due to the cold brew method for the coffee, they contain much less acid than traditionally brewed coffee.  They are a pudding-like consistency and will give you a little kick without sending you into the jitters, even if you are not a coffee drinker.  But be aware that they are mostly coffee, so they have a strong coffee flavor.

We are so excited to have been with Pocketfuel from the start.  There are so many times when a little PF is just what you need.  On a powder day when we don’t want to stop to eat, or on an 18 mile paddle in the bay, you will definitely find our pockets stocked with PocketFuel to keep us going.  Squish and squeeze baby, squish and squeeze.


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