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It’s early November here in New England and the chilly mornings are starting to pop up with some frequency. While some of us die-hard paddlers will be out on the water in our dry suits, wet suits and hoodies probably through the winter, most people are getting ready to call it a season and wait for next Spring.  Now’s the time to get your SUP inside and tucked away in a place where you don’t have to keep climbing over it or have it blocking a million different things in your garage or basement. Fortunately, there are a lot of different types of paddleboard racks that you can make or purchase that will keep your board stored safe and out of the way.

Paddleboards can be stored on their sides, standing up on their tails, or laying flat either on the bottom or on the deck. If you have an area on the floor where there is little to no traffic then this is an option. You’ll want to have a foam mat under the paddleboard so that it stays in place and doesn’t damaged if it is knocked over- which is always the risk when the board is kept on the floor. So, a lot of the time keeping your paddleboard on a rack is the better option safety and saving space.

Black Pipe and Flange

You will need: (2) 4×1 boards (lengths varies on number of racks to be installed), 2 ½” pipe flanges, 2 pre-cut 1” black pipes (2 footers), 1/2” hex lag bolts (3” long), 21/2” #10 construction screws, foam pipe insulation.

Home made racks can be made from all kinds of materials and designed in a lot of different ways. One way, is to wall mount the rack by first bolting two 4” x 1” upright boards to the wall. Make sure you screw the bolts directly into the weight-bearing studs of the wall. You can use a stud finder to mark off the where the uprights will go. I usually space them at least 4 feet apartment.

Next, screw in your flanges with the construction screws making sure they are even. Then screw in your black pipe and use a pipe wrench to get that sucker good and tight. Lastly, cut to length and slide the foam pipe insulation over the pipe for a nice cushion. You can keep the plastic caps on the ends or duct tape them so you don’t accidentally damage your paddleboard. You can install as many racks as length of the uprights allow you to keeping in mind that you will need 8 to 12 inches of space between each one.

The downside of these is that they still takes up a lot of horizontal space and if you need your board up high it may be hard getting it up and down. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in sport-specific racks including racks for standup paddleboards. is one such company that makes some really great paddleboard racks. Here’s three really cool options for storing your board out of the way when your stuck for space.

Naked SUP | Minimalist Paddleboard Rack

As the name suggests, this rack system is really minimalist.  The Naked will hold boards up to 50+ lbs, 36” wide and 6” rail height. And that covers well over most of the paddleboards on the market today.


Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack

This rack will hold up to 3 paddleboards and there’s one for two boards. The arms can accommodate paddleboards up to 40” wide and up to 50+ lbs per board. A neat feature is that the arms can be removed so you have that extra space open for when you are not using it.

SUP Ceiling Rack

The SUP Ceiling Rack is a great option if you want to put any ceiling space you might have to good use. This U shaped rack frees up precious wall space and is really easy to get your paddleboard on and off. It’s 20” inches long by 10” wide- so it’s super low-profile and it can hold boards weighing up to 50 lbs and 36” wide.

Storeyourboard racks are made from really strong high-grade aluminum with anti-rust coatings. They also are wrapped in dense rubber foam so your paddleboards will never get dinged or scratched up on them. If you have any questions on what racks are best for your board and home head down to your local paddleboard shop and ask the experts!



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