Paddle board maintenance…11 tips to keep you and your board happy

Taking care of your paddleboard is pretty easy.  There’s not a whole lot you need to do to/for it.  But these few things will help your board stay nicer for longer.

  • Keep your board out of the sun!
  • Keep it in the shade or
  • Keep it in a reflective bag
  • SUP bags also protect it from dings and other misfortunes while transporting
  • Don’t run into stuff
  • Be careful putting the board in the water and taking it out
  • Avoid rocks or other destructive items when putting your board down
  • Be aware when you are paddling of any obstructions that can damage your board or fin
  • If you have a vent plug that needs to be tightened and loosened, make sure you do this.  If it is left open when you go in the water, water can get into your board. If you leave it closed and the board is in the sun, the pressure can build up inside and with nowhere to go, it can blow up your board. 
  • Wash your equipment after going in saltwater, be sure to get the fin boxes, slider nut and screw, as well as the deck pad.
  • Regularly check for dings, cracks, etc.  
  • Be especially aware of your nose and rails. Those are the two most common areas that get damaged.
  • If you find anything that has the potential to let water into your board, get it taken care of immediately.  There are products like ding tape that provide a temporary patch if it is not serious damage and you are not able to repair it right away
  • Clean your board periodically.  Don’t let gunk build up. 
  • Dish soap, water, and a soft brush every once in awhile should keep stuff from building up.
  • Magic Eraser is great for removing marks on your board.
  • Products like Blue Goo are great for buffing out small scratches and getting your board nice and clean for…
  • Xtreme Cream, which will make your board shed water better.  It is super slick and makes you go fast in the water.
  • Goo gone or simple green can be used to clean your deck pad.  But cleaning a diamond deck pad is a very time consuming endeavor and you need to be careful not to rub too much and shred the deck pad.
  • If you have to keep your board outside for a bit, put it traction pad down- you don’t want anyone stepping on your board with your fin in, that can damage fin box.  And if the deck pad is dark and facing up, it can heat up and cook your board
  • When you put your board on the roof of your car make sure your straps are snug and secure, but do not over tighten them…you can create pressure dents if you tighten straps up too much
  • Lock up your board when not in use. 
  • Keep it in a secure locked place when it is at home
  • Locking cables with steel cores can discourage amateur thieves from making off with your board.

You don’t have to baby your board, but you do need to take care of it.  Paddle board maintenance is mostly common sense, with a little dose of effort thrown in.  If you follow these tips you should get years of enjoyment out of it.  If you have any other suggestions, we would love to hear them!






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