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o'neill outerwear

O’Neill outerwear was started in the early 1950’s by a surfer named Jack O’Neill who opened up a tiny surf shop just outside of San Francisco.  The building was basically a repurposed old garage right off the Great Highway.  In it, he shaped a few surf boards and stitched together pieces of neoprene to make wet suits for the handful of passionate surfers in the area.  These were some of the first wet suits ever made and they quickly became a staple of the California surf crowd.  O’Neill Outerwear expanded rapidly as a growing number of water sports enthusiasts discovered the benefits of neoprene, which traps body heat in millions of tiny pockets of air within the material to keep you warm.  Surfing could then be enjoyed for longer periods of time and year-round.

Decades later O’Neill expanded into the winter sports outerwear market making high quality apparel and sponsoring some really big names in snowboarding.  Today O’Neill sponsors snowboard legends Jeremy Jones, as well as Seb Toots, Cecilia Miller and Iris Lazz.  Their focus continues to be primarily on functionality, but they have also come out with some extremely unique designs.

Jeremy Jones puts his O’Neill Signature gear to the test. from O’Neill Snow on Vimeo.


Jeremy Jones’ signature line of O’Neill clothes has a straightforward design with solid colors and lots of functionality.  There is a micro-puffy that can be worn as a thermal layer under the 3L 20K, recycled rip-stop shell.  The coordinating pants are made out of the same rugged material and are reinforced in the knees.  All three pieces have a ton of pockets and the shells are all vented to release heat and keep you dry while climbing your lines.

o'neill outerwear

At the other end of the spectrum, the Seb Toots jacket is designed to look like a varsity baseball jacket with camo patterns on the sleeves.  It is lightly insulated and sleeves zip off to become a vest!  The extra length and tri-cot lining ensures full coverage and comfort year round.


O’Neill’s women’s line includes a wide variety of styles including the Freedom line with insulation and 10K waterproofing and lots of pockets.  The Segment jacket is made from a stretchy, heather fabric that is also 10K waterproof and breathability with ergonomically mapped “Firewall” insulation and built in wrist gaiters.  The styles of these pieces are often interchangeable as everyday winter wear because they use fabrics and color patterns that are very classy and blend in well with the crowd.

o'neill outerwear o'neill outerwear


The kids line comes with some great color options and lots of insulation to keep them warm.  Their Dalton line has 5k/8K water proof/ breathability rating with 100 grams of poly insulation.  The stylish, unique patterns make junior easy to spot in the crowd.  Also, the elongated sleeves will accommodate those inevitable growth spurts kids are prone to so the jacket can be worn for a few seasons.



O’Neill has started a campaign to encourage riders from all over the world to share their riding skills with other riders through their #ridemore tumblir page.  The #ridemore campaign is an awesome way for riders to inspire, and get inspiration, from each other by coming up with creative ways to ride when the mountain and lots of snow is not accessible.  Any place can be a terrain park or a fun line with just a little snow.  Whether it be the handrail on your back porch, park benches, school yard fences, fire hydrants or just a hill in the trees behind your house- nothing should stop you from riding.

The next time you look out your window and there are a few inches on the ground, suit up, call your friends, grab your camera and POV and go hunting for some spots to shred.  Come up with some unique tricks, or old tricks on unique features, then upload your pics and/or video through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the O’Neil Tumblir page.  Once week the O’Neill team riders will pick a winner for prizes including outerwear, headphones and accessories.

o'neill outerwear

O’Neill Outerwear, has been around for a long time making products for water and snow sports athletes that keep them warm, comfortable and protect them from the elements.  They have some of the best fitting and most durable apparel on the market.  Whether you need an upgrade on your existing outerwear or are looking for something laid back that you can just be comfortable in, check out O’Neill.


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