New Tech: Ke Nalu Paddles

Ke Nalu is a new standup paddle manufacturer out of Hood River, OR started by Lane Meade and Bill Babcock.  Lane and Bill wanted to take paddle design to a new level by building off of existing technology, deconstructing the physics and then rebuilding the core structure using small, incremental changes.  The result is a lighter, stronger and incredibly hydrodynamic paddle that serves paddlers of all levels and abilities.

One of the most important innovations Ke Nalu made was to redesign how the blade of the paddle is attaced to the shaft.  In traditional paddle design, the shaft is inserted into the blade- this is called frog construction.  Ke Nalu paddles attach in the opposite manner with the blade stem sliding into the shaft.  This design eliminates the need for additional buttressing and therefore saves weight and has a perfectly clean shape.  Check it out.

In addition, Ke Nalu uses specially crafted carbon materials that allow for reheatable glue to be used in attaching the blade and handles.  This means you can swap out a variety of different sized blades and handle designs at will.  All you need is a hair dryer and about five minutes of time and you are good to go.

At Neverbored RI Ke Nalu paddles are our number one seller and for good reason.  We love ours so much we won’t use anything else!  We have a wide range of styles and sizes of Ke Nalu paddles for demo so come over to Neverbored and give one a try.

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