New Tech Gear: NOW Bindings at Neverbored

One of the great things about owning a standup paddleboard and snowboard shop is that you’re always high on the list of people to find out about new stuff the industry has concocted while we were all having fun on the old stuff. At Neverbored Board Shop we currently stock a number of products that use some really unique and fascinating technology.

Neverbored has a great new product for the 2012/2013 season- it’s the NOW IPO (Initial Public Offering) bindings. Now IPO bindings are the culmination of seven years of tinkering by professional snowboarder JF Pelchat.  What makes NOW snowboard bindings unique is a kingpin that runs across the middle of the baseplate and is suspended by their hanger construction.  This hanger design, gives riders maximum comfort and freedom of movement, much like the feeling of riding a skateboard, while being very supportive and responsive at the same time.  The kingpin is basically a fulcrum (see pic) that transfers energy directly to the board with minimal effort on the rider’s part.  This drastically reduces foot pain and fatigue associated with everyday riding.  As NOW says, “NOW IPO’s efficient energy transfer gets more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet stay relaxed and comfortable longer.

Now binding at Neverbored

All this hanger/fulcrum stuff is just tech talk until you actually get into these bindings and ride them.  I can tell you they have totally changed my idea of what a binding can do.  Up to this point every binding I have ridden, and there have been a couple of dozen of them, was just variations of the every other binding out there.  The best I felt I could hope for was some added degree of comfort or flex or adjustability.  NOW snowboard bindings are far different from that.  They offer a whole new way to ride and the experience is immediately apparent once you strap in and ride away.  Other features unique to the NOW snowboard binding are a removable highback and three sets (soft, medium, hard) of bushings that acts as a shock-absorbing interface between your feet and the board.

We weren’t the only ones impressed with NOW.  The prestigious ISPO (International Sporting Goods Trade Show) awarded them an overall winner for 2012.  ISPO recognizes the best sporting goods in the industry on the grounds of innovations, great design and outstanding performance.

So drop into Neverbored and check out these great new bindings and we’ll give you a detailed run-down on them.  Bring your board and boots and you can strap them on and get a feel for them while you’re here!

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