New girls’ snowboarding gear for the 2015/2016 season

There is some exciting stuff coming for women’s snowboarding for next season from Now, Gnu, Roxy, Arbor, and Flux and I’m pretty psyched to try it all out.

girls snowboarding


Now snowboarding is finally getting into the women’s market.  They are offering a women specific binding for next season the Vetta.  It will be available in two colorways  (one is aqua and gold, the other is black with pink accents) and will have a retail price point lower than this year’s IPO! There are a few marked differences between the current IPO and next year’s Vetta. The foam on the highback is different.  Rather than just padding the inside of the highback, the foam extends past it on either side.  Presumably this is to increase comfort for our lower calves.  The straps are also different they are a single piece of foam similar to those featured on this year’s Select model, and the footbed is new.  The binding feels like it might be a little softer than IPOs past.


girls snowboarding

Roxy snowboards is staying pretty much the same except for the Torah Bright and Radiance are featuring a new core.  The new Silky Smooth core is supposed to change the entire feel of how the board rides.  These two are back on the list for this year.

girls snowboarding

Gnu girls’ snowboards has a new model called the Klassy.  It was designed for Kaitlyn Farrington, who unfortunately had to resign from competition because of a congenital spinal condition that puts her at greater risk for injury.  The Klassy features the C2 BTX profile that Mervin Manufacturing (maker of Gnu, Lib Tech, and Roxy boards) considers the “perfect profile”.  It has rocker between the feet and camber outside of the bindings for the playfulness and easiness of rocker and the stability and pop of camber.  I kind of agree with the assessment of it as the perfect profile and am very excited that they are bringing it back to the line.  It s the profile of my Roxy Eminence from two seasons ago, and my splitboard, and as much as I tell myself it’s time to sell some boards, each time I get back the Eminence, it is just too fun to part with.  It is the former profile of the B-Pro, which was a super board!  Now the B-Pro features the C3 (camber dominant, rocker submissive profile that requires you to be on your game all the time).  The Roxy Radiance is also C2.  It was not a favorite last year, but the new core could change that.

girls snowboarding

There are a couple of really funky boards in the Gnu lineup too.   One is the Zoid, a super directional, carving board that you actually purchase Goofy or Regular.  It comes in men’s and women’s and one size only for each.

girls snowboarding

The Jones splitboards have a new feature that is called Quick Tension Tail.  It features notches in the tail of the board for the tail clips to attach to.  There is also a new, premium skin available and both skins will come with the option or traditional tail clips or tension tail clips.  And if you’re a smaller rider looking for a women’s splitboard, the Discovery, realeased this season, will be back in a 138 and 145.

girls snowboarding


Flux has updated their GS binding.  It has new straps and the winged highback featured in the men’s DS.  I was told this is a must try.


Bern has added a couple of new models, one is a limited edition Wutang model that can be found on the hill already (it is a men’s helmet, but it’s still pretty cool!).    Last year Bern released two new premium helmets, the Kingston and the Rollins.  One has an internal slider for the vents and the other has an external slider for them.  The Hepburn is new to the line for next year and is a women specific version of the Rollins.  And next year all of the liners will be audio chip ready!  Bern has also added goggles to their lineup.  They are designed to nestle nicely into the brim of any Bern helmet.  They have a recyclable frame, with soft feel, and the new, proprietary PLUSfoam making it one of, if not THE, lightest frame on the market.  It is also very easy to change the lenses.


girls snowboardinggirls snowboarding


Arbor has also added a Camber System Swoon to their line.  There is more info on this new system in our Arbor preview


It won’t be long now before we get out on the snow to try all of these out!  If there is anything you want us to add to the list, drop us a line and we will do our best.  This is always an exciting time of year, and we do this for you so we can bring you what you want, so don’t hesitate to tell us if there’s something specific you want us to check out!



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