Neverbored Board Shop: A New Brand Shop


Neverbored, a brand new standup paddleboard and snowboard shop in RI, is also a “new brand” shop.  We are just four and a half months old selling products from manufacturers who are also starting out in the world.  We always knew that we wanted to carry brands that represented our passion for SUP and snowboarding as well as our environmental ethics.  Over the last year we have combed the trade show floors in Orlando and Denver speaking to scores of owners and sales representatives about their products and learning about the standup paddleboard and snowboard industries.  We have been so amazed by the passion and knowledge of so many in these industries that it was difficult to choose which brands to carry.   In the end we followed our hearts and went with the brands that inspired us as much as impressed us with their products.

This is what Neverbored is about – passion for the outdoors and a hunger to learn new skills as well as improve on the ones we already have.  Neverbored is also about people, sharing a love of riding on water whether it is waves or snow- it’s still water.

Take a look through our store and you will notice a wide array of quality products, many of which are manufactured right here in the United States.  Neverbored carries USA made standup paddleboarding apparel from Casta, Gnu and Roxy snowboards, Kialoa paddles, PocketFuel energy packets, Spark R&D splitboard bindings, Joshua Tree balms/sunscreen and more.

That all being said…this launches us into our series of articles about specifically what our brands are about and why they have a special place in our store and our hearts.

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