Making sure you and your gear get in shape for snowboard season

It’s almost time for snowboarding season.  Here are some things to help you when you are getting ready for snowboard season.

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  • Do you have all of the gear that you need?  If you have been thinking of getting a new board…now is the time.  There are still some great deals on leftover items from last season, and the stores are all filling up with some great picks for the new season.  You will find the best selection over the next few weeks before everything gets picked over.  Think about good gear as an investment.  You buy it once and you are good to go for years.  You will save time, energy and money over renting and you will have dependable gear that you know fits you and works for the way you like to ride.  So visit your local snowboard shop and they will help you get outfitted.
  • Is your gear in good shape?  If you need a snowboard wax and tune,  now is a great time to get it done.  Before you and your shop get busy, take it in and get it all tuned up and ready to go.  Check over your helmet, goggles, boots and bindings for any damage or missing parts-better to get it taken care of now than find out on the mountain.
get in shape for snowboard season
  • Are you in good shape?  Snowboarding uses muscles in ways that you might not use them all summer long.  So start doing some training now and save yourself some very sore muscles that could cut your first days shorter than you would like.

get in shape for snowboarding

If you can up your level of base fitness before you hit the mountain, you will be able to do more, and for longer, than if you don’t put in any training time in advance, and you lessen the likelihood of getting hurt.


There are lots of exercises and programs that you can follow, but here are some basic exercises that wil help you get in shape for snowboard season.


Squats-anyone who snowboards knows how much you use your thighs.  You need strong legs for cruising, jumps, landings, and everything in between.  Squats will help.   You can incorporate jump squats and kettlebell swings too to help you when ollieing and popping off and on features and jumps.


Core strength-plank is a classic exercise for building core strength and this will help you in all areas of your life.  You can incorporate plank with push ups, plank jacks, reverse plank, side plank, elbow plank, plank with donkey kick, plank with your palms up, diamond plank, etc.

get in shape for snowboard season

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Push ups-these will help you with upper body strength (needed for getting up from sitting) and will help your core strength.  If you need to start by doing push ups on your knees that’s fine.  Start to build up with the modification and then graduate to full fledged pushups.  Then you can start to take breaks at the top of the push up and hold that plank position for 30 seconds every ten or so pushups…you can then work up to holding them in the down position for 30 seconds every 10 or so.


Triceps dips-these will help you get up from sitting also.  Standing with a board strapped to your feet isn’t the easiest thing in the world and if you have a little extra triceps and core strength, this feat will become much easier.


Stair calf raises…if you know the feeling of calf burn from traverses, you will thank yourself for incorporating some stair calf raises into your regiment.


Cardio-whether you like to hike, run, bike, swim, etc.  Incorporate cardio into your training.  This will help build your overall health, endurance and stamina.


Balance and flexibility-yoga is a great all around discipline for balance, flexibility and strength building.  If yoga isn’t your thing, practice some kind of balance training, a balance board like Vew Do or Indo board is a great way to train.  Surfing, skateboarding, paddleboarding, and MMA are other options for improving your balance and strength.

get in shape for snowboard season

These are just a few suggestions.  If you participate in other types of training, mention upcoming snowboarding season to your trainer or coach and see if they can help you incorporate some exercises geared toward strengthening you for snowboarding. It’s supposed to be a great winter here in New England.  If you prepare early, you will ready to have more fun when the snow starts to fall.



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