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We live in a global economy where it is hard to find products that are produced 100% in the U.S.  “Made in the USA” tags are few and far between, and the products that do claim to be made here are often assembled in other countries or are made of materials harvested abroad.  Does this matter to the average consumer?  Maybe not.  But to this RI standup paddleboard and snowboard shop it is important to support American businesses and their employees at every opportunity.   We believe that building ties to U.S. manufacturing is a positive step toward strengthening our economy and promoting environmental stewardship.  Here’s an overview of some USA made products we are proud to carry.

casta stanup paddleboarding clothing

CASTA paddle surf apparel was founded by Trever Adams, a Creative Director by trade.  CASTA is a family run business with Trever in charge of design and his mother, Lisa, managing the rest of the operation.  They source all of their materials and production in the Los Angeles area.  Their high-quality apparel is designed to fill a gap in the paddleboard specific apparel market.  We are super stoked to be able to work with CASTA in their first year as well as our own.

gnu snowboards           roxy snowboards

Gnu and Roxy snowboards, part of Mervin manufacturing, are hand built in the U.S. by snowboarders-30 years and still going.  This is how snowboarding started and this is how Mervin still does it.

kialoa standup paddleboard paddles

 paddles is the creation of Dave Chun.  Dave has been designing standup paddles since 1999 and Kialoa has been producing outrigger canoe and dragon boat paddles in Bend, OR since 1992.

vew do balance boards

Vew Do Balance Boards was founded in Manchester, VT in 1991 by Brew Moscarello.  They are still designed and hand built in Manchester with wood harvested from local areas.  Through years of experience and action Vew-Do is continuing to develop and bring new products to market for rehabilitation, sports training, and most importantly just plain fun!

Spark R&D out of Bozeman, MT is a rider owned and operated splitboard binding company.  Spark is the first company to produce splitboard-specific bindings.  Their innovation and quality standards are unmatched worldwide.  Spark bindings are machined, anodized, laser engraved and assembled by skilled workers who are also passionate splitboarders.  And it shows.

carver skateboards

Carver Skateboards
 are hand-made in Venice, CA.  They are the brainchild of Neil Carver and Greg Falk, surfers who figured out how to build a skateboard that acted as a surf board when the surf was flat.  Their patented C7 front truck brings a whole new experience to riding a skateboard.  You just have to ride one and feel the fun!


joshua tree skin care

Joshua Tree produces an amazing collection of organic lip balm, face sticks, and healing salves.  Originally based in a small town just outside of Joshua Tree National Park where the rock climbing community swore by their products, Joshua Tree now manufactures and distributes out of Michigan. They are leaders in research and development of potent herbal products that heal skin after tough workouts and protect it from the effects of harsh natural elements.

pocket fuel energy snacks

PocketFuel Naturals
 made in Hood River, OR is a delicious, all-natural energy source for hard core athletes and recreationists.

At Neverbored we are always trying to think outside the box when it comes to the products we carry.  But when it comes to where they are made, we try to think inside the box.  We are very drawn to the idea of selling products made here in the U.S. by highly skilled artisans who take pride in their work.  We love the idea of U.S. brands creating innovative products and expanding their operations and supporting them when we can.

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