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The Jones Snowboards team takes on the biggest, gnarliest rideable lines in the world.  They need serious equipment to get there, and back, safely.  Anyone who knows about big mountain missions should know the name Jeremy Jones.  He rides lines most people wouldn’t dream of, and he gets to most of them under his own power-using his splitboard and the occasional ice axes.  It’s hard to believe, but he is actually very conservative when picking his lines in that he only rides “clean lines”, those with an escape route if an avalanche occurs.  He has lost friends to avalanches and does not take the the backcountry lightly.

jones snowboards

Over his years riding he has seen the mountain climates change, and not for the better.  So in 2007 he started the organization Protect our Winters (POW) which is dedicated to halting the damage we are doing to the environment and preserving the mountains and the snow for future generations.  You can read more about POW here.

Along with that, Jones Snowboards strives to use environmentally friendly materials and practices in their snowboard production wherever possible.  Recycled ABS sidewalls, Bamboo sidewalls, FSC certified wood cores, finger jointed cores, film top sheets that don’t use varnish, and flip flopping base colors to minimize waste are some examples of they do.  The GST factory in Austria, where Jones Snowboards are manufactured,  is constantly working on more sustainable production techniques.  Most materials are sourced within 500 km of the factory.  And they give back through the 1 % for the planet foundation which donates 1% of profits to an organization devoted to protecting the environment.

What does that all mean for the Jones Snowboards 2014/2015 line?  It means some new boards, new accessories, and improvements to the existing line

New boards are

  • The Ultra Aviator
  • A Limited Edition Mountain Twin
  • Explorer
  • Discovery
  • Powder Surfer

And new accessories include

  • A 24L backpack
  • Jones Skins

Last year marked the introduction of the Aviator.  It is a camber board that features a 1 degree bevel at the contact points keeping them slightly off the snow so you are not as prone to catching edges.   The Ultra is the next step.  It is stiffer, lighter and more responsive.  It features Jones’ “Ultra” construction (also found on the Ultracraft splitboard) which eliminates the wood core from the tip and tail significantly lightening up the board.  It is the most responsive elite freestyle board in the lineup.

jones snowboards          jones snowboards

The Mountain Twin Limited has a wood topsheet, carbon stringers, and a power core with dimensionally stable hardwood stringers for improved durability.  It is a lighter, stiffer and more responsive version of the Mountain Twin and it will be available in (as the name implies) limited quantities.

jones snowboards

The biggest news in next year’s lineup is the addition of two new splitboards!  The Explorer is dubbed “the People’s Splitboard”.  More affordable than the other splitboards in the line, it has a blunt nose and directional rocker profile.  Jones Snowboards’ directional rocker has camber between the feet and rocker in the nose and tail, with the rocker being more pronounced in the nose, and more subtle in the tail.   This profile lets you float through soft snow and the mellow magnetraction gives you grip when you hit everything else.  Like all of the Jones splitboards, it has Karakoram clips.  Bamboo sidewalls can be found on the interior edges.   And a sintered base keeps things fast and smooth.

jones snowboardsjones snowboards

The Discovery is the other big addition and it truly makes splitboarding a family affair.  The Discovery is offered in a 138 and a 145 so it is perfect for kids and young adults.  It is slightly softer than the Explorer and is specially tuned for smaller riders.

jones snowboards

The Powder Surfer is a 4’6”, all wood “no board”.  It doesn’t use bindings and is designed for beginners in the backyard all the way to experts in the big mountains.  There are binding hooks, which you place outside of your normal stance.  They are there for you to brace your foot against to keep your feet in place and give you better control.  The mold for his board was hand shaped by surfboard shaper Chris Christenson.  It even comes with a leash…just in case.

Next year Jones skins will debut also.  These skins are universal and trimmable.  They are 100% mohair, which stays soft and flexible in all conditions as opposed to synthetics.  They are also treated with a water repellent finish to keep them dry all day long.  They will also work with most tail clip kits.

jones snowboardsjones snowboards

The addition of a 24 L backpack really gives you a full set of backpack options.  The Deeper 18L pack is great for sidecountry or quick tours, the new Further 24L is great for backcountry touring and splitboarding , and the Higher 30L is perfect for all-day split tours.  There is also a version of the Higher that comes airbag ready.

The addition of more size options in the returning models makes the Jones line complete.  There is something for everyone from backcountry to resort, and for any terrain and riding style.  Keep your eye out for the movie Higher, coming out this fall.  It is the final installment of the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy and will be a must see for sure!


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