Jones and Roxy Snowboards bring it to the table for women!

Because there is too much to say about women’s snowboards to cover in one article, here is the next chapter.  The boards featured here offer more tech and some unique features that you don’t find at a lower price point.  Here’s where we look at boards by Jones and Roxy Snowboards.

Jones makes some incredible all mountain boards for women.  The Twin Sister is their most versatile option and is perfect for all kinds of resort riding.  This board provides one of the smoothest rides I have ever felt.  The Twin Sister is stable, but turns with ease, and it is fairly damp which is nice in ice and chunder so you don’t feel every little bump and ice chunk.  It has directional flex and Jones’ CAMROCK which combines subtle camber between the feet and rocker outside the bindings.  Mellow magnetraction provides security that your edge will hold.  This is a fun board, but even more so it is a perfect all mountain cruiser that feels really comfortable under foot.

roxy snowboards
Roxy Snowboards is a line of snowboards for women…not men’s boards pared down, these are specifically designed for the girls!  But, because they are manufactured by Mervin-maker of Gnu and Lib Tech, you get the best of tech with women specific design…nice combination, right?  Wait until you ride one!

roxy snowboards

The Banana Smoothie, besides looking cool and having an awesome name, packs a lot of technology into this all-mountain freeride  board.  It employs EC2 Banana tech.  OMG, WTH?  EC2 Banana is a Rocker Camber hybrid with a bit of a twist.  This board offers rocker between the feet to keep it playful, and elliptical camber outside of the bindings which disperses weight more evenly underfoot to give you a super “smooth” ride without sacrificing pop.  It makes use of Magne-Traction to keep your edge where you put it.  It is a true twin and boasts such eco-friendly features as their “envi core” which is 20% lighter than your average core and is sustainably farmed, and their bean top sheet which provides incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

roxy snowboards

Last but certainly not least is Roxy’s Ollie Pop!  This is the funnest (can you say that?) board I have ever ridden!  Here is a board that could easily handle anything my admittedly limited repertoire could throw at it-and so much more.  I just know it could.  It made me want to try things I would not normally dream of, and I was pretty secure in the belief that it would be there to help me get it done in one piece.  Poppy, fun, stable, easy to turn, forgiving, and did I mention FUN?!  Enough about my feelings toward the best ride I have ever had strapped to my feet…the Ollie Pop is a freestyle park board by design.  I didn’t take it there because I don’t want to die. But it did great with presses, butters, spins, sidehits, popping off rollers and the rest of the mountain.  It could bomb a line and there was no fear that it would wash out or have a different idea about what we should do than I had.  As soon as I thought about doing something, we were doing it…mind body connection?  They don’t advertise that.  I digress.

For the real info about it…it is a harmonic twin with O Pop shape.  That is a true twin with harmonizing side cut and flex which is softer between the bindings.  This allows riders to get better arc to their turns without sacrificing nose and tail pop.  It features Mervin’s C2 Banana tech, rocker between the feet and camber outside of the bindings.  It also has Magne-Traction and it all just works together.  If you have ridden the 2012/2013 Ollie Pop and you didn’t love it, I’m not sure we can be friends.

roxy snowboards

Seriously though…there are a lot of great women’s boards out there.  These are some of the best I have been lucky enough to try.  Ultimately it’s all about what helps you have the most fun.  The flex, the profile, the shape, size and graphics will all play a part in what you love to strap on your feet when you get to the snow.  I only go to the park if I take a wrong turn, but the boards that make me want to sing and dance are “park boards”, go figure. Play, create, laugh, be a kid and do more of what makes you happy!

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