Jones 2016 Splitboards


Jones Snowboards started in 2009 and has since grown into the most well known brand for backcountry and freeride snowboarding. Jeremy Jones’ vision of creating a snowboard company that specializes in making high performance snowboard gear to tackle the demands of the backcountry and big mountain riding is at the heart of the company. If you watch his epic film trilogy Deeper, Further, Higher, you get a sense for what Jones boards and gear are designed for.

Jones 2016 splitboards are exemplary of what the company is doing these days.  The design tech and construction is incredibly innovative and functional for getting around in the backcountry. Back in 2009 I bought the first version of the Solution splitboard, and to be honest, it is a beast compared to today’s models. It weighs a lot more and is overbuilt- but that just means it can easily withstand rocket launcher attacks. Today, Jones splitboards are just as bomb proof but are made with higher tech materials and there are a lot more splitboards to choose from in the line.


Jones 2016 Splitboards


Ultracraft Split- The Ultracraft Split is modeled after the Hovercraft fish-tail powder board. This version is 25% lighter due to the elimination of excess materials and the use of lighter foam/fiberglass composites and lighter stringer reinforcements. And because of it “fish tail” shape you can size down on the board and still get the float of a larger board. Sizes available are 152, 154 and 160.

Carbon Solution- The Carbon Solution is a carbon version of the regular Solution. It has the same all-mountain, directional shape as the Flagship, but it is made with a carbon fiber shell and carbon stringers. This makes the board really light and really stiff. It is excellent for handling steep and technical backcountry terrain and long excursions where saving weight is huge plus. The Carbon Solution comes in 158, 161, 162 wide, 164 and 165 wide.


Solution- The Solution is the splitboard that paved the way for the whole splitboard trend a few years ago. Like the Carbon Solution, it has the Flagship shape but with a few changes from previous years. This year Jones has added an ECO-plastic topsheet made from Castor beans, which naturally sheds snow. That means less snow sticks to your board on uphill climbs. The unidirectional carbon stringers give the board extra stiffness and a snappy/lively feel, while the tip and tail rocker give the board added float in powder. New sizes for this year are 159 wide, 165 wide and 169 wide, in addition to the 154, 158, 161, 162 wide, 164 and 166.


Aviator Split The Aviator Split is designed to be a do-it-all snowboard that is great for steep runs, powder riding, spring corn, and big jumps. One of the trademarks for the Aviator is the 3D Power Camber that works with the full camber profile. 3D features a beveled base at the contact points that gives the board quicker response but without feeling catchy. The powerful directional camber blended with a looser edge to edge feel make this board great for a wide variety of riding styles.

There are more 2016 Jones splitboards that we’ll be looking at next including Hovercraft split, Discovery Split, Explorer Split and the Women’s Solution! The number of splitboards to choose from is growing every year. The upgrades in design and construction keep coming also. Having a variety lightweight, durable, and performance-based splitboard options is not a bad thing. Stay tuned!


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