Jones 2016 Splitboards Pt. II


Jones is a snowboard company that thrives on all-mountain and freeride style riding. The owner of the company, Jeremy Jones, has pretty much led the way in backcountry snowboarding growth for several years now. One of the biggest obstacles in getting people to think about hiking their own lines rather than buying a lift ticket, is the fact that it is really hard, if not totally impossible, to hike up a mountain that is covered in deep snow. This is where the splitboard comes in. The splitboard allows you travel over long distances without slowing down. It’s the quickest way to get to the top of your line without exhausting yourself by post-holing and crawling through natural terrain.

Jones 2016 splitboards are the culmination of years of innovation and advancements in design and technology. As I mentioned in part I of this two part post, Jones has expanded their splitboard line from one board in 2009 to eight in 2016. In that time the boards have become much lighter with the use of carbon construction and other lightweight materials. For 2016, there is a good number of splitboard profile and shape choices from twin tipped boards to full directional shapes to short tail powder specific boards. (The shape of the board is the outline of it that you see when looking straight at the top or bottom.  As opposed to the profile, which is what you see when looking at the side.)


Explorer Split: The Explorer has a similar hybrid rocker/camber profile to the Solution with camber between the bindings and rocker to the tip and tail. The nose is longer and has a more gradual up rise and the tail is shorter with a sharper up rise. This allows it to have the necessary float in power while still maintaining the great edge hold that camber provides. The tail rocker makes it easier to land switch making it good for freestyle tricks.

The Explorer has a softer flex than the Solution so it is a good option for folks looking for a looser feeling board that is great for all-mountain freestyle riding. You also retain response to handle big lines and hold together at high speeds. The Explorer split comes in 156, 158W,159, 161W, 162 and 164W.


Hovercraft Split:
The Hovercraft split has the same shape and profile as the Ultracraft split but without the carbon construction. The Hovercraft has a short swallowtail and a very directional shape- a full 30mm of set back! The bamboo sidewalls and top sheet help make this board super fun to slash hips and ride deep powder for days without getting tired because you won’t need to sink the huge nose.

The Hovercraft split is available in 152, 156 and 160. Because of its heavily directional shape and full camber to nose rocker profile, you can size down several centimeters from your normal board. This lightens the board even more making it an absolute joy in touring mode. The areas around the tail contact points are slightly beveled, giving the board a catch-free and surfy feel.


Discovery Split: The Discovery splitboard is likely the only youth splitboard on the market.   Smaller, lightweight adults can also size into it. It comes in 138 and 145. The Discovery is a directional board with camber between the bindings and rocker to the tip and tail. The Discovery has recycled sidewalls and steel edges. The inside edge is replaced with a bamboo sidewall to keep the board light and give it a snappy feel.

The Discovery split has a great top sheet graphic of the Shangri-La line in Nepal that Jeremy did a first descent of in the movie Higher. The Discovery split is a great board to get the kids into splitboarding at an affordable price.


Women’s Solution: The women’s Solution is a lightweight, directional splitboard with camber between the bindings and rocker to the tip and tail. The eco-friendly Castor Bean top sheetsheds snow, ice and slush so you’re not carrying extra weight on the way up. Mellow Magne-Traction on the inside and outside edges helps with edge grip while travelling across the slope.

The directional shape and progressive sidecut helps initiate turns, and the gradual nose rocker allows the board to float in deep snow. The camber and Mellow Magne-Traction give the women’s Solution great edge hold in firm conditions and on ice. The women’s Solution is designed to be stable and comfortable in a whole range of conditions and terrain.

Jones 2016 splitboards are plentiful and cover a wide range riding styles for everyone, not just big guys. The tech has advanced to a level where the Jones splits are some of the lightest and most advanced on the market. Splitboarding opens up a whole new world of riding and adventure. We totally recommend you check it out!



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