Indo Boards Offer Versatile Balance Board Training Options

When searching for versatility in a balance board, it’s near impossible to find something that will give you better options than the Indo Board. Balance boards are a great way to train indoors (or out), to improve balance, core strength, and posture, and to work on certain movements and tricks so when you are ready to hit the water, snow, or pavement, you are ready. They also offer many options for progression so you won’t grow out of your Indo Board.



Indo Board offers a series of decks, rollers, and cushions. Decks of different sizes and shapes lend themselves to different purposes. From a basic platform to work on balance and strengthening, to a standup desk to avoid long days sitting at a computer, to something you can practice big tricks on, to simulating SUP Yoga, there is a setup for you.


There are three different sized rollers, 6.5” diameter is the original, the Pro is 8.5”, and the Mini is 5”.  Each deck and roller pairing are geared toward specific areas of training. There are also two cushion options the IndoFlo 14” and the Gigante at 24”. Cushions are inflated to your desired level, the more air the greater the challenge.


The Original is a great place to start if you are looking for your first Indo Board. It is the Goldilocks of Indo Boards. At 30” x 18” it pairs with the mid sized roller and cushion to give you a wide range of options to work on balance, maneuvers such as cross stepping and nose riding, and strengthening using body weight, resistance bands, or a variety of other training aids. Once you are proficient on the Original, if you want to up your game, there are several more options.

  • Indo Pro-featuring a 42” x 15” deck and the larger roller. It’s a little scarier because you are higher off the ground, but the larger deck slows things down a bit. Great for larger riders because it offers wider stance options, it’s also excellent for advanced moves like weighted squats and lunges
  • Mini Pro-39” x 12” smaller deck on the larger roller. This is very lightweight option ideal for advanced riders looking to work on tricks. It is a good choice for skateboarders, wakeboarders, and snowboarders.
  • Rocker- 33” x 16” as the name implies, the board features a rockered bottom the length of the board. With less board in contact with the roller it is looser feeling and it doesn’t have stops on the ends so it rotates more easily. It’s also a great choice for a standup desk when paired with the cushion.
  • Kicktails-these are designed for big tricks. The Pro is 40” x 10”- roughly the size of a wakeskate. The Mini Kicktail 32” x 8.75” has a smaller roller and is lighter weight making it another excellent option for bigger tricks.
  • Mini Original- this model has a smaller footprint 28” x 16” and uses the smaller roller. It is well suited for rehab, PT, a standup desk, or kids. The smaller platform and roller make it a great choice for kids 4-8 years old.
  • Yoga- often seen in studios, it could fit nicely into your home too if you want to practice for SUP yoga when you can’t get out on the water. These are 75” x 16” and feature 4 rockers on the bottom to provide some instability similar to what you will encounter on the water. You can add three cushions for increased challenge.



It is very easy to create a progression with your Indo Board training. The cushion is perfect for starting out because you can control the amount of air, and subsequently the level of challenge. It starts you off closer to the ground than the roller and the board doesn’t actually move across it (it will teeter in all directions, but does not move back and forth like it does on the roller) so it doesn’t feel as intimidating. Because it moves in all directions you will engage different muscles and you can simulate the toe to heel or rail-to-rail movements you find in so many board sports. As you get more comfortable, you can add air and increase your challenge. And you can even combine a Gigante cushion with an IndoFlo for a whole new level of difficulty.

You can also combine your basic balance board training with other items like the TRX Ripper, resistance bands, weights, or kettlebells to up your training. There are many resources out there to give you suggestions about how to do this. You are really limited only by your imagination and Google skills.

The Indo Board is great for sport specific training too. For example, you can create a “repetitive training solution” for surfing. When you are surfing, you spend much of your time waiting for the wave, no two waves are the same, and the conditions vary every day, so it is hard to practice the movements over, and over, and over to develop the necessary muscle memory. The Indo Board allows you that consistency to practice those movements over and over in a controlled environment allowing you to develop muscle memory that will help you when the waves do come.
Whether you use an Indo Board for a standup desk, for intense workouts, to practice tricks, or even for a few minutes a day while you watch tv, you will begin to notice the benefits pretty quickly. When you translate the activities on the Indo Board to daily life you will likely find that you are a little more stable. As we age, our balance suffers, and it is important to work on it before we get to a point where we are at increased risk for falls and breaking bones. So even if you are past your days of kick flips on a skateboard, the Indo Board can still be a challenging and fun way to stay young.


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