How to Set Up the Spark R&D Arc and Surge Bindings with the Spark Pucks

Spark R&D is constantly evolving their products. Over the last several years they have come out with the lightweight and easy to use Tesla T1 system.  Spark has also added heel locks, tail clips, crampons, and skins in their product line.  And now Spark has a new puck system, which is pretty awesome.  Let’s look at how to set up the Arc and Surge bindings with the Spark Pucks.

Spark Pucks use the same slide-on/slide-off concept as the Voile puck system, but the similarities end there. For one, the Spark pucks are made of aluminum, which is stiffer and gives a better connection to the board making it feel more solid. But the best part is the easy set up and adjustments. You can even adjust them on the mountain without going through all sorts of contortions.

There are two methods you can use for the Arc bindings. The Surge bindings use the first method only because they have a solid baseplate and you need to see the pucks in order to utilize method 2.

Method 1 (for Arc and Surge bindings)

To mount the Spark pucks you set them into the alignment tool and place the aluminum center disks in the pucks. The toe side puck is clearly marked in big letters across the top so it’s easy as pie to get it right the first time.


Once you know which inserts you will use for your stance width, bolt the center discs down, but not all the way. You have 0 to 30 degree stance angle options for each foot- the degree indicators are clear to read and face towards the middle of the board.

Now you can adjust your stance angle by simply turning the alignment tool to the left and right. At the same time you center the pucks on the board- you can adjust up to a 1/4 inch front to back.

It’s a good idea to slide your bindings onto the pucks and put your boots in them. Check to see if you have excessive overhang on either the toe or heel side. Take the bindings offs, reinstall the alignment tool and slide the pucks forward or back to make the adjustment. Now, tighten down the bolts, snap the toe ramp down, and you’re done!!

Method 2 (for Arc bindings)

This is a super fast and easy way to set up the Arc bindings. First, place the aluminum center discs in the pucks and then slide pucks into the bindings. Slide the toe side puck first, then the spacer, and then the heel side puck. Put the bindings on the board and align the slots on the discs over inserts you want to use on your board based on your stance width.  Screw in the bolts and tighten down half way.

Now you can move the whole binding left or right to adjust stance angles and forward and back to center your bindings on the board. You can see the angle indicators and bolts through the cut out sections in the bindings’ baseplates. When you have your angles set and bindings centered, tighten down the bolts and you are done!!  (Don’t forget to take the binding off so you can use the spacer for the other binding.)

Spark has really put a lot of distance between them and the rest of the splitboard industry when it comes to innovation and ease of use.  When you’re in the backcountry you want your gear to be simple to operate, durable, light, and easy to adjust. Spark delivers on all fronts.


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