Gift Ideas for a Snowboarder or Paddleboarder in RI

Looking for gift ideas for the snowboarder or paddleboarder in your life?

Look no further….we have items from stocking stuffers to full packages and everything in between.  Here are a few ideas.

 gift ideas for a snowboarder in ri

Snowboarding gift ideas

  • Pocketfuel Naturals to stay energized on pow days when you can’t bear to leave the mountain to break for lunch
  • A snowboard multitool for on the go equipment adjustments
  • A One Ball Jay stomp pad to make the dreaded lift dismount a little less treacherous
  • Joshua Tree winter stick.  It provides sun protection and also prevents skin from drying out. And lip balm will keep lip chapping at bay
  • An O’Neill hat…keeping your head warm is the best way to retain body heat
  • Warm, fuzzy snowboarding Thirty-Two socks to keep those toes dry and toasty
  • Buff to protect your face and neck from wind and cold
  • “Further” the movie-Jeremy Jones’ second installment in the backcountry trilogy of severely awesome untamed terrain
  • A Sprout watch so you will know how much time you have before the lifts close, bonus-they’re made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Von Zipper or Anarchy goggles
  • A Vew Do balance board for training between trips to the mountain
  • CandyGrind Handbag mittens, mittens with fingers…curiosity piqued? Come check them out
  • Now bindings.  The newest tech in snowboard bindings, they will help you ride longer with less fatigue.  Try them with a Jones board for the ultimate performance combination
  • A new Airblaster or i.N.i. snowboarding jacket or pants to keep you warm and dry so you can stay out longer
  •  Deeluxe Snowboard boots-if your feet aren’t happy, chances are you’re not happy
  •  A new snowboardNiche, Arbor, Gnu, Jones, Roxy perhaps
  •  A snowboard package… we have snowboarding package discounts.
    •  When you purchase any combination of boots, bindings and a board totaling between $500 and $800, get $25 off your purchase, a free board wax and tune ($25 value) and a Neverbored t-shirt.
    • Any combination over $800 get $50 off your purchase, a free board wax and tune and a Neverbored t-shirt.
  • A Gift Certificate in any denomination so your snowboarder can choose his or her own gear

gift ideas for a snowboarder in rigift ideas for a snowboarder in rigift ideas for a snowboarder in ri


We also have Arbor Longboards and Carver skateboards, which are great gifts for anyone who looking to travel in style, or just have fun cruising around.


Standup Paddleboarding

And some gift ideas for the Paddleboarder in your life-
  • PocketFuel for those long paddles that require snacks
  • UV Buff to keep your head protected from the sun
  • The Joshua Tree sun stick to protect your face from the wind and elements
  • Car Rack pads 
  • A Creatures leash
  • Suction cup bottle holder for the board
  • Floating sunglasses, and if you want extra insurance a FloatEyes (brightly colored) sunglass holder too
  • Paddle clothing by CASTA 
  • A Ke Nalu paddle bag
  • Vew Do balance board for winter training
  • A new Ke Nalu or Kialoa paddle
  • A new Coreban or BOGA paddleboard
   gift ideas for a snowboarder in rigift ideas for a snowboarder in rigift ideas for a snowboarder in ri
 As always Neverbored SUP demos are free!
Plus we have Gift Certificates available for any of our products, lessons, rentals, or services.

So come over to Neverbored and buy your people some FUN!  We are stoked to show you around our shop and give you expert advice and in-depth information on SUP and snowboarding gear.

Do more of what makes you happy!



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