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Many snowboard companies have a foot in different types of equipment- boards, boots, goggles, or apparel. It is hard to stay viable (and profitable) without diversifying. So, when you have one company that’s been around for the better part of a quarter century that only does one thing, it may be worth giving their product a good look.  Flux snowboard bindings is one such company.

Flux is known for their high-end/high-tech binding models. But they also offer some really affordable bindings that incorporate a lot of the features that make their other bindings so awesome. The Flux PR and TT models fill this niche perfectly. They are light, durable, and accommodate a wide range of riding styles.


Flux PR Binding

The Flux PR is a great price-point snowboard binding that is well suited for all-mountain, park riding, and cruising. This year’s model has an upgraded nylon high back with an asymmetrical shape. The high back’s inner section is stiffened up a bit and the outer section is softer. This gives the rider a little extra response when riding hard so you can get your board on edge quicker allowing for more powerful turns when riding at speed.

The toe strap on the PR has been upgraded to the FTM Versa toe strap. The strap is made from a softer material that conforms better to the boot providing better hold and increased comfort. You can run the FTM over your boot or around the toe. Other features include an adjustable toe ramp to accommodate a range of boot sizes and thick air-filled EVA Sky Cushion padding on the baseplate and inside of the high back.



The chassis on the PR is a fiberglass and nylon mix that comes in Flux’s standard UU Fit Systemshape. The combination of the UU heel loop and the 3D ankle strap creates 360 degrees of equal pressure around the rider’s boot. This eliminates pressure points while offering a lot of support and response.

Flux TT


Flux TT Binding

The TT is a lot of bang for the buck. It has a couple of commonalities with the PR, namely the FTM Versa toe strap and the UU FIT System chassis, but similarities end there. The TT is a do-it-all and do-it-all well binding that can slay the park, rip in powder, and handle everything in between. The lightweight Alpha high back has an asymmetrical shape for extra support on the inside and a softer, even flex throughout the whole structure.

The rigid baseplate allows the binding to perform in all snow conditions while the full-length, single density abrasion-resistant foot bed absorbs bumps and shock and is really comfortable underfoot. The TT also has an adjustable heel ramp, as well as an adjustable toe ramp so it can accommodate a wide range of boot sizes and give better leverage over your snowboard to get you on edge quicker.


Flus PR


Another feature that carries over from what Flux has been doing for a long time are the all tool-less adjustments. Whether you need to shorten or lengthen your straps to fit right, or adjust your high-back angle and rotation, you can do it all on the fly without the need for any tools. The TT also features L-Guide cages that hold the ladders down and out of the way keeping them from snagging on any obstacles you may run into.

If you’re in the market for a pair of really nice bindings that will fit into most budgets check out the Flux PR and TT.


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