eco friendly flip flops

Planet flops are flip flops with a conscience.  Based in CA, Planet Flops is the result of podiatrist Dr. Sylvie’s tireless search for the most comfortable flip-flops available.  Uninspired by what she found, she decided to make her own, using natural rubber!  This makes them the most eco friendly flip flops around in addition to be incredibly comfortable and durable.

Natural rubber is harvested by tapping the tree.  Just like when you harvest sap for maple syrup.  It does not affect the health of the tree. Natural rubber is a renewable and sustainable resource and it provides a source of income for millions of people while also helping to preserve the rain forests.  That’s a lot for a tree to accomplish.  Natural rubber has increased flexibility and cushioning over synthetic rubber.

Planet Flops can even be recycled if sent back to the company. And in return they will give you a $10 credit toward a new pair.  And for every pair of Planet Flops purchased, a tree is planted in the Brazilian rainforest.  They refer to it as “buy one, get one tree” and it is further evidence of their commitment to preserving the rain forests.

You can really feel the difference when you stand in these shoes for a while.  The natural rubber feels very different under your foot than your typical flip-flop.  It feels cushiony, supportive (but not in an added support or funny shape kind of way), resilient, and like your feet are getting little massages with every step.  But it is built like a “traditional” flip-flop.  There are no added arches or massaging bumps.  They kept it simple and that was the right answer.

The color combinations are fun and fashionable too!  They offer a full range of solid colors and there are two-tone combinations with names like licorice, chocolate strawberry and chocolate blueberry.  What’s not to love?

If you are looking for eco friendly flip flops that are super comfortable, check out Planet Flops.  These are a great alternative to adding more plastics and other materials with a environmentally high impact materials to the landfill. And they are the perfect post paddleboard treat for your feet.



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