Deeluxe Snowboard Boots

Deeluxe is a premium snowboard boot manufacturer based out of Austria.  Their high quality boots are known for their comfort, durability and functionality.  Deeluxe snowboard boots offer a lot of options in adjustability and flex due to the use of their proprietary speed lacing system that targets specifics areas of the boot.  Some models come with removable supports that attach to the front of the boot for increased responsiveness.  So if you’re riding the park and need some extra flex then you can ditch the supports.  If you’re bombing the steeper sections of the mountain you can easily slip the supports in, and boom, you have a little stiffer feel and more response.

Deeluxe offers a wide range of boots from the super gnarly Spark Summit model with massive Vibram sole for hiking big mountains, to the Alpha boot- an excellent, affordable do-it-all boot for the masses.  In between there are boots for guys, gals, jibbers, mountain cruisers, free-stylers and free-riders big and small.

One of the most popular boots in the range is the Dan Brisse model.  Dan is a rider who is as comfortable riding huge natural features in the backcountry as he is embarking on endless street missions in the city.  His boots need to hit that sweet spot where no matter what you are riding you have the right flex, comfort and the control you need to make it happen.  Another popular model is the Alpha, which is not as stiff but offers the same excellent feel and durability making it a great boot for recreational riding.

Deeluxe Brisse

If you take a look at Dan Brisse’s parts in any Absinthe film, you’ll see that he does some crazy riding from jumping across the roof tops of warehouses to sending it off of big cliff drops in the backcountry.  He needs a boot that will absorb a ton of impact and be flexible enough for big grabs, tweaks, wall rides and massive handrails.  The Brisse has all of that and more.

C3 Construction:  C3 is a three zone lacing system that allows you to adjust your fit, flex and comfort with just two lace pulls.  The black pull tightens upper and lower zones of the boot adjusting fit and flex.  The yellow pull tightens the mid section securing your ankle back and locking your heel down into the boot.

Heel Harness:  The heel harness is similar to an ankle brace that wraps around the outside of the liner and attaches to the inner spine of the boot.  As you tighten the liner lace your ankle will slide back into the heel hold of the boot for a secure fit and protection from ankle twists and turns.

Double Power Straps and TPS Shield:  The power straps run across the front of the boot and add extra support and stiffness to the lacing system.  The TPS shield is available as an accessory and slides into the front of tongue.  It stiffens the flex and adds more support to the boot.

Fast Lacing Device (FLD):  FLD is a unique lace and locking systems.  Once you tighten the boot with the lace pull and stop the FLD will click shut and you are done.  You can open the FLD by pushing up on it from front and it will click open or you can use your thumb to push it up from the bottom.  Pushing up from the bottom will allow you to loosen the fit without having it click open.  As soon as you take the pressure off it will lock down again- this is useful for on-the-fly adjustments.

Deeluxe Alpha

The Deeluxe Alpha is a softer flexing boot than the Brisse and comes in at a lower price point.  It has a sweet looking leather shell with a Sympatex lining for waterproofness.  It has a single Power Strap, reinforced backstay, C3 lace zoning and a fishbone outer sole for increased board feel.

The Alpha has Single Control Lacing system (SLC) that allows you to adjust all three zones from a single lace pull for simple and easy adjustments.  The Alpha also has the Easy Flex window at the mid section, which allows the boot to be flexible and comfortable, and prevents it from bulging and buckling as you lean forward.

In addition to all these great features, Deeluxe gives you a choice of three different liners to go with your Brisse.  The Thermoflex Premium liner offers great comfort and moisture control.  The Performance Flex offers great support and heel hold. The Thermoflex regular liner is heat moldable so you can have a fit that you get from a well-used boot in under a half hour.  Your local snowboard shop will normally have a heat machine specifically designed for molding your liners.

You can’t go wrong with Deeluxe.  Their boots offer comfort, performance, great adjustability and durability and if one liner isn’t working for you, you three more to choose from.  All of which is why Deeluxe snowboard boots are known as one of the most solid brands on the market.



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