Deeluxe Snowboard Boots: adjustability and comfort in every model


Deeluxe is a twenty-five year old company out of Austria that produces high-end snowboard boots.   They are rider-owned and independent and they accommodate the entire range of snowboarding styles from urban riding to technical backcountry free-riding.   Deeluxe is known for using high-quality materials and creating unique features on their boots that move beyond the industry standards.

For example, they partnered with Spark R&D to create a backcountry boot (Spark XV) designed for the rigors splitboarding up big mountains and other types of natural terrain.  No other boot like it exists on the market and it has garnered awards from Snowboard and Backcountry magazines.   These are the boots Xavier DeLarue uses when he’s blasting down the most intense lines you will ever find on film.  The Spark XV sports a hefty Vibram out sole ideal for hiking in backcountry terrain and for great hold in icy conditions.  The boot also has a beefy toe lug for kicking in boot pack steps while ascending headwalls and other steep mountain aspects.

deeluxe snowboard boots       deeluxe snowboard boots

The Deeluxe pro team includes freestyle gods Dan Brisse, TJ Schneider and Sebi Mueller and they each have their own models.   They are designed to be flexible and comfortable where you need it and supportive in the areas where response is critical.   The Dan Brisse model features the C3 ankle lacing system situated in front of the ankle.  The C3 allows you to secure your foot into the heel hold while you adjust the forefoot and shaft zones separately to your own personal preferences.  This kind of unique technology sets Deeluxe apart from other snowboard boot manufacturers.

Deeluxe offers a variety of ways to cutomize your boot sizing needs.  You can also choose between the customized heat-moldable Thermoflex liners or the Performance Flex liner for increased stiffness and support.   In addition, Deeluxe offers five separate flex ratings for their shells.  This covers the extremes of stiff to flexible and everything in between.  They also offer a number of accessories that allow for further customization of flex, comfort and responsiveness.  The accessories like TPS shields that attach to the outside of the tongue and stiffen the boot’s flex making it more sensitive to the rider’s input.  You can also increase the boot’s responsiveness with the additional reinforcements of the Highback backstay.

deeluxe snowboard bootsdeeluxe snowboard boots

The Empire snowboard boot is one of Deeluxes’ top selling all-mountain models.  It incorporates many different tech features that Deeluxe has pioneered and honed over the twenty-five years they’ve been in business.  For example, Section Control Lacing makes it easy to tighten or loosen any section of the boot on the fly and without having to step out of your bindings.   And as in all Deeluxe models the power strap allows you to dial in the perfect amount of responsiveness without the need to over or under tighten your boot.  The Asym Flex zones will let you bend naturally in the boot without producing annoying bulges that only create pressure points against your feet and ankles.   And, as with all Deeluxe boots, they are totally waterproof and wick moisture away to keep your feet dry from inside and outside.   In addition, the Empire also has an adjustable backstay that can be tweaked using the included reinforcements.

This year, Deeluxe is focusing on their women’s line and really starting to dial in the form, fit and look of the boots.  The ID Lara boot has a pretty straightforward look but it is loaded with features that accommodate a wide range of riding styles.  It is designed to be extremely comfortable and supportive.  It has Section Control Lacing for getting the perfect fit and a Conquest Outsole underneath the boot.  The entire Conquest outsole is made of an EVA blend that acts as a super cushiony interface between your feet and your board.   This gives you the feeling of being in direct contact with your board allowing you to more easily react to the terrain you are riding on.

The great thing about the Deeluxe is that they do not discriminate against any style of riding.  Whether you’re into urban street missions, park features, cruising around the hill, all mountain freestyle, big mountain free-riding or splitboarding, Deeluxe puts all their focus on making your boot as comfortable and user-firendly as possible.


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