Corran Paddle Boards: Waikiki and Tahiti

Back in April we did a post on the Corran Addison Design’s Doppler standup paddle board.  Since then I have logged in many days on that board and I’m just as stoked on it now as I was then.  Today, I want to talk about the other Corran paddle boards that we carry- the Waikiki and the Tahiti.  Both of these boards are constructed out of high-density polyethylene, which has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio.  Corran uses a unique production method and compound that make these paddle boards the lightest plastic models on the market.  They are still, of course, heavier than a lot of EPS foam core boards, but they are also much more durable and they are designed to be fast and have excellent glide.

When we decided to carry the Waikiki and Tahiti we were thinking about people who wanted an inexpensive board that they could keep outside year round and not have to worry about it getting damaged by the elements and heavy usage.  We were thinking of a lake house board that you can drag through the backyard and the sand, hop on with the kids and the dog and go get a work out or just cruise around and dive off of on hot summer days.  It’s the ultimate fun-board that, if it happened to run into some rocks or was mobbed by a hoard of sugar-rushed youngsters, would hold up perfectly fine time and again.

The Waikiki and Tahiti, as well as all Corran boards, are made in the United States and the level of quality is much higher than what most people normally expect for a seven to eight hundred dollar SUP.  The design of the Waikiki is especially interesting.  It has a rubber dry storage hatch on the front part of the deck, which gives way to a huge space inside the board.  Here, you can store everything from backpacks, extra drinking water, food, towels, change of clothes, electronics or any other items that you think you made need.

The Waikiki also has fishing rod holders in each runnel at the rear end of the board and a rubber/foam slot to plant your paddle into when you need both hands free.  You can troll with one or two rods while you are enjoying your paddle or if you find that perfect spot where the trout are jumping you can stick your paddle in the slot holder, grab your rod and cast away.  The Tahiti and Waikiki make the perfect expedition boards because no matter what comes your way, be it tree stumps, rocks or rapids these boards will handle it.

When we met Corran Addison at the 2012 Surf Expo he explained to us his vision for SUP.  He told us that he wanted think outside the box on SUP design and make really high quality boards that people can adapt to all sorts of paddling styles and water environments.  You can see this approach in the design of the Doppler.  You can also see it to a greater extent with the Waikiki and Tahiti.  Corran was an Olympic whitewater kayaker in the 1992 Barcelona games, and a three-time world champion.  He provided the Waikiki and Tahiti come with an extra paddle blade and both blades are shaped in the curved kayak style.  The paddle handles pop off and the extra blade pops on.  Now you can sit down on the contoured deck and paddle your SUP like a kayak!   The boards also have an accessory seat that attaches to the deck so you can lean back and go just like on a real kayak.

Corran paddle boards’ Waikiki and Tahiti are stable, fun, bombproof SUPs that are designed for cruising, expedition, fishing, kayaking and anything else you want to do.  They are stable enough to carry the largest guys or the whole family plus the dog if you want!   “And we certainly should consider the fact that is one of the fastest and straightest paddling 9′ boards on the market.”-quote from their website

Oh, and did we mention that they are a pair of the most affordable boards on the market at only $699 and $799.  So if you are in the mood for non-stop SUP fun check them out!



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