Corran Doppler SUP

Corran is a new company out of California making standup paddleboards in the United States.  I tried out the 11’6” Corran Doppler paddleboard last week at our local lake and had a great time with it!  The Doppler is a hybrid SUP.  Hybrid boards can include several different design and feature combinations, but in this case it is a board that mixes displacement hull and planing hull shapes into one.  The Doppler’s nose has a displacement shape (wedged like a canoe) which transitions into a planing bottom (flat like a surf board).  This design gives the paddler the benefit of having a fast, flat-water board that can easily turn when surfed.

The displacement nose allows the Doppler to slice through choppy water giving the paddler a smooth, comfortable ride.  I was amazed at how fast it accelerated with only a few strokes.  Once I warmed up and began throwing my weight into my strokes it seemed like I was covering twice the distance in the same amount of time as I normally would on my regular board.  Part of the reason it is so agile is due to its lightness.  It is one of the lightest boards I have ridden making quick take offs and tight turning very easy.

As I mentioned earlier, the Doppler transitions into a planing hull that has a very slight concave though the middle.   At first, it felt a little wobbly side to side but I soon realized that it only tips to certain point and then stabilizes very quickly.  This is not even an issue when you bring the board up to speed, which is very easy to do.   It is also a fairly wide board.  The 11’6” has a 32” waist and the 10’6” has a 30” waist giving the boards a volume of 243 liters and 190 liters respectively.  I was able stand all the way back on the tail (I’m 175 lbs.) without any feeling any unsteadiness.

The Corran Doppler has a cored out hand hold that you get your fingertips around which makes this already light board even easier to carry, and get onto and off your vehicle.  The deck pad is very comfortable with very fine rows of foam etched lengthwise down the entire pad.  This helps you to stay out on your board for long periods of time without getting the foot fatigue and soreness that may happen with a more aggressive deck pad.

Another key feature on the Doppler is the tool-less fin that slides easily into the fin box and locks in place by way of four spring-loaded bearings.  Simply slide the fin into position and pull it down.  You’ll hear it click in and you are ready to go.  No more fiddling with slider nuts, bolts and screw drivers that are constantly getting misplaced, mismatched or lost in the sand.  When you are done paddling just bump the fin up with the palm of your hand and it pops right out.  I guarantee you’ll wish all your boards had this feature.  And if you are going to be paddling in shallow or rocky waters you have the option to bolt the fin down in the traditional way. Although you just might save your fin from extensive damage by allowing it to pop out as it stays attached to your board- you just need to flip the board over and pop it back in if you run into something.

I had a lot of fun on the Doppler and that’s what it’s all about.  The way it accelerated from a stationary position blew my mind especially for being such a wide board.  I also really liked being able to get way back on the tail and spin around and feel completely steady.  I can’t say how it surfs yet- that will be the topic of another post and hopefully soon.  I think this is a really fun, fast and stable SUP.  It has great glide and seems to turn really easy despite the displacement nose.  Also the weight factor is huge in playing a part in how well it glides.  The extra width doesn’t seem to slow it down and adds considerable stability.  Plus, all Corran boards are made in the U.S.A- good deal.

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