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Stratton Demos…First look at some 2019 Women’s Snowboarding Gear

This year was a little different at the demos. Since we no longer have the shop, the goals when heading there were a far cry from what they were in the past. We went to ride, have fun, and test out some cool new stuff […]

Affordable womens snowboards…no longer an afterthought

Women’s snowboards under $400 In the world of snowboarding, women and their equipment often seem like an afterthought.  But if you know where to look, there are some great women’s snowboards out there. Here is a recap of a few favorites this season from Gnu, […]

Jones and Roxy Snowboards bring it to the table for women!

Because there is too much to say about women’s snowboards to cover in one article, here is the next chapter.  The boards featured here offer more tech and some unique features that you don’t find at a lower price point.  Here’s where we look at […]

Intro to park clinic for girls…fun in the sun in the park

Date: Sunday March 10, 2013 Place: Granite Gorge, Keene, NH Event: Glam Jam What is it?: A “girls only” park clinic and rail jam hosted by Shred It Girl and coached by Geeks of Shred Recap: This was a great event!  Shred It Girl is […]

Why aren’t there more girls snowboarding?

Why is it that there is such a big gender gap in snowboarding?  Estimates place male participation at around 66% and female participation around 34%.  Why the discrepancy?   I have some theories… In my experience, I usually see two types of girls on the mountain-those […]

What’s New in Girls’ Snowboarding for 2015

There was so much to try and talk about at the Stratton demos that we are going on post #3 for the girls’ stuff.  And there’s a lot left to look at. “the rest” includes Arbor Snowboards Cadence, Swoon, Poparazzi, and Draft Salomon Snowboards Gypsy […]

New girls’ snowboarding gear for the 2015/2016 season

There is some exciting stuff coming for women’s snowboarding for next season from Now, Gnu, Roxy, Arbor, and Flux and I’m pretty psyched to try it all out.   Now snowboarding is finally getting into the women’s market.  They are offering a women specific binding […]

Girls’ snowboarding demo of 2015-2016 gear

We just got back from three days of demos at Stratton Mountain.  Day 1 was a day after a powder day, so conditions were pretty darn nice.  It was hard packed in spots, but for the most part, there was still plenty of snow out […]

More girls’ snowboarding gear for 2015-2016…day 2 of the demos

Day 2 we were lucky enough to get a couple additional inches of snow so everything was nice and soft.  These are not exactly ideal conditions for demoing products for use on the east cost.  But they sure were fun! On the docket for day […]

Women specific snowboard gear should mean more than “shrink it and pink it”

For years there has been a theme in women’s sports equipment of taking the men’s version, making it smaller, and throwing some pink on it. Then it is magically supposed to work for, and appeal to women. For some women that works- anything that is […]

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