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Some Great Places for Early Spring Paddleboarding in Rhode Island

Some Great Places for Early Spring Paddleboarding in Rhode Island

Spring time is here and the snow is melting, the days are getting longer and the paddleboard bug is waking up. It’s still early in the season and some of our lakes and ponds have a stubborn layer ice left over from winter around shoreline […]

More RI Paddle Spots…Some Northern RI Highlights

Northern RI There are a lot of lakes in Northern RI and many of them are excellent for paddleboarding. A few of our favorites are… Stump Pond (Woonasquatucket or Stillwater Reservoir) in Smithfield Flatwater suitable for beginners The launch we use is located at approximately 71 […]

Standup paddleboarding in northern RI? Check out these spots.

There are a lot of lakes in Northern RI…some big-ish, some small, some accessible to the public, some…not so much.  Here are a few of our picks for good paddling with easy access.  Stump Pond, Pascoag Reservoir and Wallum Lake are the three we’ll take […]

Quaddick Reservoir: A Paddle Board Trip Report

Quaddick Reservoir is located in the northeastern corner of Connecticut just on the other side of the Rhode Island state line.  Quaddick, is Nipmuck Indian for “bend in the river”, and it had been a fishing area for the tribe for a long time before […]

Webster Lake Paddle Board Trip

  A little while back we decided to go on a paddle board trip at Webster Lake located not far from the northwestern border of Rhode Island and right near the northern border of Connecticut, in the town of Webster in Massachusetts.  Webster Lake is the […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Jamestown

Last year we started stand up paddle boarding Jamestown (Conanicut Island) at Fort Wetherill and Mackerel Cove.  Most times we would head south towards Beaver Tail, and sometimes we would head north towards the Newport Bridge.  This year we went paddling along the west side […]

Great Spots to Paddleboard on Narragansett Bay, Part I

If you like stand up paddleboarding, and you live in Rhode Island, then you are lucky because there are a ton of great spots to paddleboard.  The majority of us are within a short drive of the bay and/or the open ocean.  It’s pretty phenomenal […]

Great Spots to Paddleboard on Narragansett Bay, Part II

Rhode Island’s has many excellent areas to paddleboard including lots of great spots to paddleboard on Narragasett Bay.  The bay itself has over 300 miles of coastline that can be accessed pretty easily at many different spots.  It is easy to transport and drop a […]

Paddleboarding in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the called the “Ocean State” but it also has a lot inland waterways and coastal salt ponds that are great for stand up paddleboarding.  Rhode Island also has four very distinct seasons that help keep the paddleboarding experience fresh, giving you new stuff […]

Ocean Paddleboarding

The vastness of the open ocean provides endless opportunities for everything from long excursions, downwinding, to surfing, deepwater fishing, and exploring the coastline.  But there are some very important rules and tips that you should be aware of before you go paddleboarding in the ocean. […]

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