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Choosing a Race or Touring Paddleboard, How Narrow Should You Go?

How narrow should your race or touring paddleboard be? A lot of emphasis is put on specific numbers when you are shopping for paddleboards, but what does it all really mean? And what do you really need? As usual, the answer is not one size […]

Bark Vapor Ghost 12’6 test drive

Bark Vapor Ghost 12’6 test drive

Sometimes you step on a paddleboard, and you immediately love it. You know that you and that board can have many exciting adventures together. Others you don’t connect with at all. It’s doesn’t feel worth the time or energy that would be necessary to decide […]

Fun Times at Evelyn O’Doherty’s RI Paddleboard Clinic

Fun Times at Evelyn O’Doherty’s RI Paddleboard Clinic

Last weekend Evelyn O’Doherty, team rider for Starboard and KIALOA, yoga instructor, and online editor of Standup Journal, made her way to RI to lead a clinic offered through the Kayak Centre in Wickford. Mark and I went to see what tips we could pick […]

Red paddle co- a standout in standup

  Red paddle co- a standout in standup Posted by Cathy Hall on Thu, Apr 27, 2017 @ 07:04 AM Since we first decided to bring inflatables into the shop, red paddle co was on the short list. We went to the Surf Expo demos […]

Finding your happy place…on a stand up paddleboard

Think about your happy place… What is that place or activity that makes you feel happy and at peace and can make your stress melt away? Your “happy place” can be doing something athletic like running, yoga, mountain climbing,  etc. or something completely different like […]

Gift Ideas for a Snowboarder or Paddleboarder in RI

Looking for gift ideas for the snowboarder or paddleboarder in your life? Look no further….we have items from stocking stuffers to full packages and everything in between.  Here are a few ideas.   Snowboarding gift ideas Pocketfuel Naturals to stay energized on pow days when […]

5 Reasons why you should try standup paddleboarding this year

In case you need convincing to try paddleboarding, here are 5 of the top reasons why you should… 1)   It’s fun! 2)   It’s great exercise 3)   You can see lots of new places and things, from a new perspective 4)   It is easier than you […]

Buying your first paddleboard? How do you decide what to get?

So you are looking to buy your first paddleboard?  Good for you…this is a decision you will not regret! There is no right answer to the question of what type of paddleboard you should get for your first board.  There are many boards that will […]

Paddleboard accessories can add to safety and enjoyment

One of the beautiful things about paddleboarding is the minimal equipment that you need to go out. The only things that you absolutely need are the board and the paddle. From there you can choose what other paddleboard accessories you want/need to make your journey […]

Standup Paddleboarding Technique

When I first got on a paddleboard, worrying about how to actually paddle was nothing more than an afterthought.  ‘What’s to think about? Just stick it in the water and yank it back really fast’ was my approach.  And it was this approach that accounted […]

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